By Terry Elliott

Rooted and ready. Teaching and learning for over 10K F2F so far.

Rooted and ready. Teaching and learning for over 10K F2F so far.

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Impedagogies - Issue #25

Bringing alternatives together and cutting out Zoom and YouTube--sweet!


Impedagogies - Issue #24

Keep on for awhile if it occurs to you that quitting is a valid choice. Quit if quitting seems the best course. Whatever your choice, own it and don't be afraid to ask for help from everyone in your circle. It is deep in the end of summer and fall is upon u…


Impedagogies - Issue #23


Impedagogies - Issue #22

Sometimes the wild mind that is my personal learning networks provides some awesome diversity in the net. This newsletter is where I catch and re-release them for you.


Impedagogies - Issue #21

Some playful ideas: social annotation, aporia, sprites, and ifformations. Summertime and the living is easy. Ideas like watermelons, seedy but cold and sumptuous. 'Yum'ptuous, too.


Impedagogies - Issue #20 -Sometimes I just get anxious about being left to oblivion.

I’m a vast batch left to oblivion.Walt Whitman, "Specimen Days"


Impedagogies - Issue #19

Tools and ideas that I hope surprise you.


Impedagogies - Issue #18

Here is the tone of each of the surprising rewilded curations below:Heirloom seeds: wired and ready.Metavers (sic): having none of it.Clockless: mutual aid in the time of Web3.Many Hands: all y'all data are belong to clumsy-handed fools.Antny Blinken: freakou…


Impedagogies - Issue #17

Once again we can look at the world through a beginner's wild eyes by reading, listening, observing, and filtering our world through another's imagination.


Impedagogies - Issue #16

It is Week 52 for a year of ignominy that still had moments of horrific beauty. And I think our forever pandemic will pass on into our bad collective memory.


Impedagogies - Issue #15

I am obsessing over the word "rewilding" right now. It has that satisfying snick of meaning like the last puzzle piece pushed into place. I hope it can help with closure for you, too. It is December and some parts of the country have been dry and toasty. …


Impedagogies - Issue #14

Such variety here, or so it seems to me. I am attempting to make the rewilding of my mental landscape in some small way. Different filters, different funnels, spawn different psychecologies within. Bust up the filter bubble!


Impedagogies - Issue #13

Two quick back to back newsletters and expect another one by Sunday so as to get publishing back in the swing.


Impedagogies - Issue #12

God damn the nuclear man. And more including a "shout that hits" from Walty "Hitman" Whitman. And more usefully bad news about the macros and the micros and the...well, you know the word salad BS she said.


Impedagogies - Issue #11

Eclectic is the category this week. Category 4 eclectic. Batten down. Wildness ahead.


Impedagogies - Issue #10

I remember every fall when I was student at Centre College, Dr Larry Matheny delivered the liberal arts opening day lecture. I would dearly love a copy of one of those lectures, alas..., but he forever decided me on the value of the humanities and the liberal…


Impedagogies - Issue #9

You can think of this newsletter as a storyboard of my life with all my context clues removed and yours substituted. Enjoy the palimpsest.


Impedagogies - Issue #8

I am so unbelievably grateful for every single 32 subscribers.


Impedagogies - Issue #7

I have heard the 21st Century described as Biology's Century. Definitely. You should be watching for how this shakes out. If 500 scientists adopted this technology in a month, then its viral spread makes sure it will be everywhere next month. Of course, this …


Impedagogies - Issue #6: National Writing Project, Amazon Curbstomping, and the Rich Are Eating Us

A Steven Pressfield theme today. Such a polymath writer, there is something for everybody in his works. You enjoy, too.