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Impact Entrepreneurship - Take a Deep Breath - Opening up About Mental Health

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Impact Entrepreneurship

The latest trends and insights on impact entrepreneurship and investing.

Mental health has been raking in headlines in 2020. And not just because of the pandemic, which does seem to have made it more acceptable to open up about the state of our mental health, but also because the digitisation of health and the availability of applications to monitor ourselves and help us act early. However, it is not all roses; what about user privacy?
Employers have an important role to play as offices reopen and new ways of working emerge. Leaders have to be well equipped to adapt and cope with the collective trauma that will emerge from this crisis.
As always, we would like to bring a critical note as well. How are startups finding innovative ways to help us take better care of our people: our families, our colleagues, our neighbours, our communities?
Stay healthy,
Yonca & Tina

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