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The latest trends and insights on impact entrepreneurship and investing.

Remote work has been a double-edged sword to those of us who were not prepared for it prior to the pandemic. Combined with confinement, remote work has been impacting employee well-being, creativity, organisational culture and productivity.
It is still too early to have right or wrong answers on how to best manage work under remote times. It is time to test, iterate, share experiences to find what suits bests the people we work with and the people we serve at each moment.
Below you can find some reads to try to make sense of all of this. Do you know of more? How have you been coping? We are all ears!
Tina & Yonca

If pandemic productivity is up, why is innovation slowing down?
Council Post: How To Build A Positive Remote Work Culture
No Office, No Problem: Gitlab’s CEO Warns You’re Probably Doing Remote Work Wrong
How to Keep Work and Home Life Separate as You Work Remotely
Why remote working and working from home aren't the same — and how to accommodate both options
Why your next office could be a hotel room | Sifted
Remote Workers Are Decamping To Small Cities During The Pandemic : NPR
4 things that will redefine the way we work by 2025 | World Economic Forum
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