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Lowering the levels of atmospheric carbon has become an increasingly urgent and publicised topic in recent years. Carbon capture, removal, storage, lowering, credits are HOT.
There are two main ways to approach the issue, the first, and most obvious option is to avoid more emissions, the second is to reverse the damage already done.
A bunch of new companies are offering innovative ways of offsetting carbon emissions by either counteracting the negative results or by utilising the excess carbon and turning it into something useful, and effectively “recycling” it. New platforms are launched to trade credits, Elon Musk is sponsoring the biggest XPrize yet and this is only the beginning…
We curated a selection of articles approaching the issue from different angles and one of our favourite’s of all time, a beautiful interactive article on carbon history giving you a personalised historical perspective.
Yonca & Tina

Your Personal Carbon History
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