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Impact Entrepreneurship

The latest trends and insights on impact entrepreneurship and investing.

Hi all!
Hope this Summer has been a wonderful one.
In this edition we want to spark a discussion on what impact entrepreneurship means in big corporates.
Many reactions followed the declaration of the Business Roundtable on their mission and purpose.
We have been looking at impact entrepreneurship as the basic principle new businesses are built upon. But what with all these large companies that did not have impact alongside of profit as their initial motivation?
How do they embed it now? Is it through Corporate Social Responsibility? Is it via social impact innovation? Is it an attitude or is it a specific job within the company, an impact intrapreneur maybe? Is it employee activism? And what about greenwashing?
Is there a relationship with impact entrepreneurs? Should there be? What could this look like? How does it fit in? And can it elevate each other?
Please send us your thoughts on the matter:
Yonca and Cristina

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Yonca Braeckman Yonca Braeckman - Founder Impact Shakers
Cristina Almeida Cristina Almeida - Head of Communications at MAZE
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