Impact Entrepreneurship

By Yonca Braeckman

The latest trends and insights on impact entrepreneurship and investing.

The latest trends and insights on impact entrepreneurship and investing.

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Impact Entrepreneurship





Impact Entrepreneurship - New Impact Investing Funds

2021 has been an exceptional year for impact. Never has there been more invested into impact businesses, but on top of that, never have there been more new impact funds launched.We shared some below for you to check out!Happy holidays!Yonca & Tina


Impact Entrepreneurship - Carbon is hot

Lowering the levels of atmospheric carbon has become an increasingly urgent and publicised topic in recent years. Carbon capture, removal, storage, lowering, credits are HOT.There are two main ways to approach the issue, the first, and most obvious option is …


Impact Entrepreneurship - Governance and Ownership

There is so little guidance on how to start setting up the business you want - how to choose the right legal structure, how to set ambitious and meaningful objectives, and how to put in place policies and procedures that reflect the culture you want.The choic…


Impact Entrepreneurship - ClimateTech

What is ClimateTech? Is it any startup reducing and reversing the climate crisis? Does it have to be direct or indirect impact? How do we measure this impact? We curated a selection of cool companies on the rise, newsletters, and communities to follow. To any…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Femtech

So many aspects of female health have been neglected for so long. Fortunately, the health sector and investors are starting to see the opportunities in helping to advance health issues in half the world's population. There are startups working on fertility, m…


Impact Entrepreneurship - New Economic Thinking

Hey everyone,This month, we thought we'd zoom out a bit and have a look at some exciting new economic thinking. We collected a number of articles by or about new economic models and new thinking on how we build businesses.Hope you enjoy!Yonca & Tina


Impact Entrepreneurship - Alternative Financing for Your Impact Business

Hi all!Yonca: Last one in 2020... Personally, I've been deep-diving into financing alternatives for venture capital this year and I wanted to share some of my favourite resources with you!Unicorns vs Zebras, exit to community, revenue-based financing, impact …


Impact Entrepreneurship - Remote iterations

Hello!Remote work has been a double-edged sword to those of us who were not prepared for it prior to the pandemic. Combined with confinement, remote work has been impacting employee well-being, creativity, organisational culture and productivity.It is still t…


Impact Entrepreneurship - The Opportunities Issue

Hello!There are three big determinants of success for entrepreneurs: skills, network and capital. The latter is a combination of the first two and often difficult to crack. Despite the increasing interest we are seeing from investors towards impact, there are…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Take a Deep Breath - Opening up About Mental Health

Mental health has been raking in headlines in 2020. And not just because of the pandemic, which does seem to have made it more acceptable to open up about the state of our mental health, but also because the digitisation of health and the availability of appl…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Inclusive Impact Entrepreneurship

Dear readers,Diversity issues have been top-of-mind in 2020 in the entrepreneurial world. We have never seen this many networks and solutions to support diverse and underrepresented founders. Despite the efforts, it is still a complex and challenging problem …


Impact Entrepreneurship - Food systems

Hello!This time we focus on food systems and their impact on our world. It is clear that the way our food systems are organised need to be reinvented, they are way too polluting and they won't even be able to sustain a growing world population.Buying local ca…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Resilience

Hi all,We hope all of you and your loved ones are doing well and finding ways to cope with our changed world.We assembled some resources which could be helpful in these uncertain times. If anyone wants to share their ideas or learnings with us, do reach out.L…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Climate Change Investing

“I don’t want your hope. I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to panic.” This was Greta Thunberg's message to the world at the World Economic Forum in Davos.As protest comes to dominate the language of 'environmentalism', we see a growing appetite for c…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Big Corporates & Impact

Hi all!Hope this Summer has been a wonderful one.In this edition we want to spark a discussion on what impact entrepreneurship means in big corporates.Many reactions followed the declaration of the Business Roundtable on their mission and purpose.We have been…


Impact Entrepreneurship - The Holy Metric Grail

This time we went on a quest for the holy metric grail! We can tell you all rooms are boobytrapped, up to you to decide which one you take!Below you can find an overview of some of the most important frameworks and different perspectives on how to implement.U…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Tips & Tricks for Social Impact Success

Hi all!This month we collected some of the best content out there to help you navigate the long and winding road to large scale impact. For those of you who have not transitioned into the life of impact entrepreneurship, you will find some captivating content…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Towards a more sustainable future

Hello there,Last month, we focused on sustainability and we were thrilled to see that big corporates are on the hunt for innovative startups to decrease plastic use and make their products and services more sustainable. It was also incredible to meet 35 femal…


Impact Entrepreneurship - Ideas on Impact Investing

Welcome to 2019!We're kicking off this year with the opening of applications for the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy which continues with its second accelerator class this summer in Denver, Colorado.Last month, …


Impact Entrepreneurship - Let's make impact the norm !

Welcome to the 'Impact Entrepreneurship' Digest! We'll bring you the latest news on those taking action to change the world through entrepreneurship and we'll assemble the best insights into the impact ecosystem.We want to give impact and the people working t…