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Digital Media News and Updates from Ms. Ileane - Issue #2

Digital Media News and Updates from Ms. Ileane - Issue #2
By Ileane Smith • Issue #2 • View online
Hello Beautiful People 🙋🏽‍
Happy March! As the days pass let’s all hope we are getting closer to the time when we can get together in person aka IRL (in real life) before this year is over. A family member texted over the weekend to let me know that she got the vaccine recently (she is in a high risk group) so I was happy to hear about that. I’m not sure which one she got but I could tell she was excited.
What about you, have you been vaccinated?
In the meantime, here’s what’s Happ - ening in digital media right now.

Starting with YouTube
YouTube announced chat support coming to all creators in their Partner Program (YPP). In this Weekly News Flash from the Creator Insider Channel, you’ll hear that this means:
Access to quick and easy chat support in just one click!
Chat Support in Studio for all YPP Creators, 2021 Investments from Neal Mohan, and YOUR Questions!
I reached out to YouTube support on a couple of issues in the past and in general they were very responsive. However, they didn’t resolve one of my issues yet so, on a scale of 1 - 10 I give them a 7.5!
Next up - the “official” YouTube Shorts option (currently only available in India) will roll out to users in the US sometime this month. More about YouTube shorts can be found on this support page. It’s quite lovely so be sure to take a look!
YouTubers Unite Virtual Conference
I’m honored that I was asked by my YouTube friend Swarthy Daisy to take part in the YouTuber Unite Virtual Conference this past weekend. You may remember that my ONE WORD FOR 2021 is Collaboration and this is a perfect example of me stepping out of my comfort zone and keeping up with all the deadlines and requirements for my role in making this a successful event.
You can see the full playlist and agenda here.
Youtubers Unite Virtual Conference Feb 27, 2021
Out of this world!
Gorgeous Image From NASA Probe Shows Deep Jet Streams in Jupiter’s Atmosphere
Fun Fact: Jupiter is my favorite planet (with the exception of Earth of course). It has 79 moons and Jupiter’s magnetosphere is the largest object in the solar system. I used to study this stuff way back before I started blogging 🌝
The Moons of Jupiter
The Moons of Jupiter
6° of Instagram and other IG News
Over the past 9 years since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, it has morphed into an app that is almost unrecognizable. It tries to be all things and you might even say it’s going way too far to attract new users. But before I throw shade at Instagram, it must be said that there are one billion monthly active users so their strategy is actually working. Hence, I can now refer to all the features offered on the platform as The Six Degrees of Instagram.
6 Degrees of Instagram
Update to Instagram Live
Doubling Up on Instagram Live with Live Rooms | Instagram Blog
Social Audio Keeps Getting Better
Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse are on a roll. Both apps had major feature releases this week. Twitter Spaces is being tested on Android (which I’m super happy about since I want to see this app grow) and Clubhouse made it easier for users to create a club and they also introduced higher quality audio.
Here’s what others are saying about these two apps:
Using Twitter Spaces to Grow Your Online Brand: 6 Ideas to Try
What's Clubhouse, and how can you use it to report? | International Journalists' Network
New Alexa Flash Briefing
On a personal note, I helped my daughter launch an Alexa Flash Briefing. For those that are not familiar with a flash briefing, it’s a short audio news update that your Amazon Echo device can read to you. Flash briefings are also called “skills” and once you submit one and get it approved, users will see this message from Amazon:
This skill can be accessed on all your available Alexa devices.
Better Than Success Real Estate News Briefing
Better Than Success Real Estate News Briefing
Shout out to Jim Fuhs from Fuhsion Marketing for his tips and help with pushing me to submit the briefing to Amazon.
Buy Me A Coffee
Buy Me A Coffee
Before I close, I’d like to thank everyone who showed their support on Buy Me A Coffee this week 😘 Please click the links to follow these good people, they are amazing!!
If you want to start your own Buy Me a Coffee Page, click here to use MY BUY ME A COFFEE REFERRAL LINK
Chat soon, and Stay Beautiful 🙋🏽‍♀️
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