Cypress gets lots of community love



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Cypress gets lots of community love
By Mike • Issue #1 • View online
I took a risk with Cypress - and I’m glad I did.

Writing and maintaining tests is a necessity if you want confidence in your product when it ships, but it can be a frustrating experience. Cypress is a Javascript frontend test automation platform. Despite Cypress being a relative newcomer, it will likely replace Selenium Webdriver as the de facto standard. Early in its inception, I fell in love with Cypress, teaching and promoting Cypress in the community in addition to using it in my day job. The commitment was risky. Today’s hot JavaScript framework could tomorrow’s old news.
More recently, I was invited to the Cypress Ambassador program, hosted another workshop and started iheartjs - this newsletter, and the iheartjs YouTube channel where I livestreamed the workshop. To say the least, I went “all-in”.
Today, I’m attending the TestJS Summit and not only am I impressed by all the speakers so far, I’m blown away by all the love for Cypress! I never needed the community’s overwhelming approval to adopt a solid tool, but today my commitment has been truly validated and I couldn’t help but take to Twitter:
@bromann said at @TestJSSummit that he's "rooting for @Cypress_io" to "push the boundaries of automation and really provide so much value for the developer persona" 🙌
I’m so grateful for the Cypress community and even the JavaScript community as a whole. I have even greater confidence going forward which means more content for you in the near future!
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By Mike

Mike is a Software Developer and Tester, Cypress Ambassador, Husband, Father, Foodie, Christian. He lives in Provo, Utah, USA with his wife and four little monsters.

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