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Weekly Machine Learning #44



November 3 · Issue #44 · View online
All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward. Ellen Glasgow

Articles:mixupは簡単ですが有効な正則化方法で、試してみたブログも続々と出てきています。Understanding Hidden Memories~は、CNNに比べて学習内容が把握しにくいRNNにとって貴重なアイデアです。TreeQN はシミュレーション機構をネットワークに組み込むといった趣で、自己モデルを利用したフィードバックを得るという点ではAlphaGo Zeroに近いと思いました。

Google Developers Blog: Eager Execution: An imperative, define-by-run interface to TensorFlow
The State of ML and Data Science 2017 | Kaggle
PaintsChainer -線画自動着色サービス-
Release Keras 2.0.9 · fchollet/keras · GitHub
[1710.09412v1] mixup: Beyond Empirical Risk Minimization
[1710.10777] Understanding Hidden Memories of Recurrent Neural Networks
[1710.10280] One-shot and few-shot learning of word embeddings
[1710.10710] On Pre-Trained Image Features and Synthetic Images for Deep Learning
[1710.11417] TreeQN and ATreeC: Differentiable Tree Planning for Deep Reinforcement Learning
[1711.00155] Neural Wikipedian: Generating Textual Summaries from Knowledge Base Triples
A Visual Guide to Evolution Strategies | 大トロ
How to colorize black & white photos with just 100 lines of neural network code
Deep Learning以外の手法でユニクロコンに参戦してみた (Kaggle Meetup #3) // Speaker Deck
GitHub - jivoi/awesome-ml-for-cybersecurity: Machine Learning for Cyber Security
Extracting Tasks from Emails: first challenges – Rodrigo Alarcón – Medium
QAngaroo Reading Comprehension with Multiple Hops
GitHub - Franck-Dernoncourt/pubmed-rct: PubMed 200k RCT dataset: a large dataset for sequential sentence classification.
ポーカーAIの最新動向 20171031
GitHub - google/bottery
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