Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest

Writer, walker, atheist, optimist, Apple enthusiast, cinema lover, hobby musician, science junkie, perpetual maths student, cricket fan, chess patzer.

Writer, walker, atheist, optimist, Apple enthusiast, cinema lover, hobby musician, science junkie, perpetual maths student, cricket fan, chess patzer.

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Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - Is no more...

I've decided to stop doing this weekly digest. I don't think it adds anything to what I already post on Twitter, Instagram, my blog, and soon, Hey World. I plan to use the latter and my blog for anything Longford I want to share. With Twitter for short-form p…


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 12th September 2021

Cybersecurity: BAD PRACTICES - CISA - LinkThe US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency added single-factor authentication to its list of bad cybersecurity practices. I quote: The use of single-factor authentication for remote or administrative acce…


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 5th September 2021

Data Protection: The UK thinks it can fix GDPR. It’s wrong - Wired UK - LinkMore pie in the sky nonsense from what passes as a Government in the UK.


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 29th August 2021

Expert Systems: A New Way to Ask Wolfram|Alpha Questions with Math Input - Wolfram Alpha - LinkI love Wolfram Alpha. It's the closest thing we have to the AI systems that sci-fi stories set in the future often have. You can ask it almost anything in natural l…


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 22nd August 2021

Propaganda: China’s propaganda firehose is going after the BBC - Wired - LinkChina is alledging the BBC uses gloom filters to make China look bad in news reports and other videos. Flip sake 🤦🏻‍♂️ Article by Matt Burgess from Wired UK.


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 15th August 2021

Privacy: Interview: Apple’s head of Privacy details child abuse detection and Messages safety features - Techcrunch - Link Apple botched their announcement of new child protection measures two weeks ago. They have been in reassurance mode ever since. I still …


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 8th August 2021

Privacy: Apple’s New ‘Child Safety’ Initiatives, and the Slippery Slope - Daring Fireball - LinkThere has been a lot of electrons sacrificed this week in discussions of the forthcoming Apple CSAM protections. Including some by me on Twitter. I didn't see any …


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 1st August 2021

Tech Regulation: How France tamed Google - Wired UK - LinkA French regulator hit Google with two fines totalling €720 M. Surprisingly, Google didn't appeal but agreed with their findings and said they would change how they operate to prevent the activities th…


Ian Robinson's New Music Digest - 25th July 2021

New music I discovered this week (listed in the order I added them to Apple Music)Beebe - Vacation - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - TwitterLorde - Stoned at the Nail Salon - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - TwitterTom McLoughlin - If The Wanted To, They…


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 18th July 2021

Physics: A Video Tour of the Standard Model - Quanta Magazine - LinkAnother excellent video from Quanta Magazine. This one outlines the particles in the Standard Model of Particle Physics.


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 11th July 2021

Spaceflight: Space Billionaires, Please Read the Room - The Atlantic - LinkSo Richard Branson went into space today (barely - call me when you are staying in orbit!) Next week it'll be Jeff Bezos's turn for a few minutes. Meh. The only good thing about these …


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 4th July 2021

Data Analysis: Cricket is having its Moneyball moment - Wired UK - LinkA good long read by Mike Jakeman about how the data analysis by CricViz is changing cricket.


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 27th June 2021

Programming: Modern, Visual Basic For Your Mac - Xojo - LinkDo you remember Visual Basic? It allowed a lot of people to start programming back in the day. It had a drag and drop visual interface designer, that you then added code snippets to in order to bring…


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - June 20th 2021

Apps: HEY turns 1, Happy Birthday HEY! - Jason Fried - LinkI was an early adopter of HEY email (I also recently switched to the paid version of Basecamp for tracking writing work with clients). I moved all my email to HEY when HEY for Domains was released (it…


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 13th June 2021

Apple Music: Eddy Cue's Honesty on Apple Music Lossless - M.G. Siegler - LinkApple Music Dolby Atmos (Spatial Audio) and Lossless music downloads arrived this week. It's good to have Lossless. I'll be using the CD-quality versions for downloading. I'm not sur…


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 6th June 2021

Astrophotography: 40 Megapixel Image of the Sun - Andrew McCarthy - LinkDon't look directly at the Sun they say. Good advice. Look at this image instead!


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 30th May 2021

Mapping: Lights at Sea - Geodienst RUG - LinkAn animated map of lighthouses around the world. The data is very rich for the British Isles and Europe.


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 23rd May 2021

Cloud Computing: Special Report on The Cloud - Financial Times - LinkThere is a good selection of articles on the FT site on the topic of Cloud Computing.


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 16th May 2021

Web Design: We Analyzed 229K Webpages. Here's What We Learned About Core Web Vitals and UX - Backlinko - LinkHave a website? If you want to make it better for readers and engagement, then this study might help.


Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 9th May 2021

Nuclear Power: Nuclear reactions are smoldering again at Chernobyl - AAAS Science - LinkJoy. Thirty-five years later, and Chernobyl is still smouldering.