Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 5th September 2021





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Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 5th September 2021
By Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest • Issue #29 • View online
I nearly decided to quit doing this weekly digest post. But I decided instead to start embedding more stuff that I’ve posted in other places during the past week. See the embedded Tweets and IMDb links in the culture section below. Expect more of this type of content in the future. As per usual, get me on Twitter with any comments.

© Samuel Velasco/Quanta Magazine
© Samuel Velasco/Quanta Magazine
Data Protection: The UK thinks it can fix GDPR. It’s wrong - Wired UK - Link
More pie in the sky nonsense from what passes as a Government in the UK.
Identity: Apple announces first states signed up to adopt driver’s licenses and state IDs in Apple Wallet - Apple - Link
I’d love to have an electronic version of my driving license on my iPhone in Apple Wallet. I hope we get this in the UK soon.
Data: New Wolfram U Course Explores Data Visualization - Wolfram - Link
Wolfram has a new free course on using the Wolfram Language and its built-in knowledge about the world to visualize the data returned from queries. I love the Wolfram toolset!
Genetics: The Complex Truth About ‘Junk DNA’ - Quanta Magazine - Link
An excellent explainer article in Quanta Magazine about what the 98% of our DNA that doesnt seem to code for proteins directly might be doing.
Chemistry: The Compound Interest Newsletter - Compound Interest - Link
I love the chemistry infographics produced by Compound Interest. They have just launched a fortnightly(ish) newsletter. Aces!
Screenwriting: 12 Free Go Into The Story eBooks - Scott Myers - Link
Ever fancied writing a screenplay? Don’t know how to start? Scott Myers of The Blacklist and Go Into The Story fame has 12 free ebooks with 1000+ pages of advice.
Films: Meet the Little-Known Genius Who Helped Make Pixar Possible - Wired - Link
A fascinating story about Alvy Ray Smith, one of the founders of Pixar, who butted heads with Steve Jobs and left just as Pixar hit the big time with Toy Story. He has a new book out. Ordered.
Books: Wonderworks - Angus Fletcher - Link
This book got a 5-star verdict in a review at Popular Science Books. I bought it on Apple Books. It’s also on Amazon.
Music: New Music I added to my library this week
These Tweets embedded below have links to Apple Music and Spotify playlists that have samplings of the new music I added to my library this week.
Ian Robinson
Here’s a Spotify playlist with new music I added to my Music Library this week. From Still Talk @TheBrandyAlexs @LMACHOIR @JustAGlassChild @ClareDunnMusic @HarrisonBrome @The_Hinterland_ Petite Amie, Deer Anna @MUNYA_MUNYAAA @pixeyofficial @jetcitysc

Films: New Films I saw This Week
I saw two films in the cinema this week. I rated both 8/10. The Shang-Chi film is the best Marvel film I’ve seen in ages. Possibly ever. Recommended.
Our Ladies (2019) - IMDb
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - IMDb
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