Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 12th September 2021





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Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 12th September 2021
By Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest • Issue #30 • View online
Welcome to another weekly digest of things that I enjoyed in the past week. This week there is one cybersecurity article, one science video about the volcano in Iceland getting active again, playlists with tracks from 10 new music releases I added to my library this week, Tweet reviews of the two new films I watched and links to some great music breakdown YouTube videos. Get me on Twitter if you want to discuss anything.

Image © Green Iceland Vid via YouTube (links below)
Image © Green Iceland Vid via YouTube (links below)
Cybersecurity: BAD PRACTICES - CISA - Link
The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency added single-factor authentication to its list of bad cybersecurity practices. I quote:
The use of single-factor authentication for remote or administrative access to systems supporting the operation of Critical Infrastructure and National Critical Functions (NCF) is dangerous and significantly elevates risk to national security, national economic security, and national public health and safety. This dangerous practice is especially egregious in technologies accessible from the Internet. 
Geology: Iceland Volcano started again today Sep 11 from north side - Green Iceland Vid - YouTube Video Link
The volcano in Iceland was quiet for about 6 days, but it seemed to open 4 or so new vents to the north on the main crater on Saturday. This 10-minute video of the lava from new vents bubbling up through a lava pool is amazing. The sound of the lava boiling and the landing of glassy like shards of rock after they cool in the air is remarkable.
Music: The Three Things I wish I knew when I started writing music - Guy Michelmore - YouTube Video Link
Guy Michelmore (aka ThinkSpaceEducation) is a force of nature. His YouTube videos are brilliant. This one on the three things he wished he’d known 20 years ago is great.
Music: What Makes This Song Great? QUEEN (Feat. Brian May) - Rick Beato - YouTube Video Link
The YouTube algorithm fed me this video a few days ago. It’s a 38-minute long analysis of how Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded and how the parts fit together and complement each other. With comments by Brian May. I’m looking forward to watching a lot more Rick Beato videos.
Film: Hollywood struggles with accents in Branagh’s Belfast - The Guardian - Link
The article in the Guardian I link to in the embedded Tweet below made me laugh. Then I remembered that I had to slow down how fast I spoke when I worked in Yorkshire for a year.
Ian Robinson
“Hollywood reviewers who have lauded the film’s storytelling and acting complain the Northern Ireland accents are difficult to understand and require subtitles.” 😬

Hollywood struggles with accents in Branagh’s Belfast | Film | The Guardian https://t.co/t8gaxhfYHP
Music: New Music I added to my library this week
The Tweets embedded below have links to Apple Music and Spotify playlists with a single track from the new music added to my library this week — I added seven singles, one EP, and two albums.
‎Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 12th September 2021 by Ian Robinson on Apple Music
Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest - 12th September 2021 - playlist by IanRobinson | Spotify
Films: New Films I saw This Week
Copshop (2021) - IMDb
Ian Robinson
I liked Copshop. It’s a lazy comparison but think Freefire merged with Assault on Precinct 13. It’s got all the tropes you’d expect, and would want. It’s violent. But not hide behind the sofa violent. My only criticism is it’s 5 minutes too long. Unnecessary coda. Rated 8/10.
Afterlife of the Party (2021) - IMDb
Ian Robinson
Got some dust in my eye at the end there.

A feel good film. You could do worse if you want something to watch. 8/10. https://t.co/v15rhfQepQ
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