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Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest 12th April 2021

Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest 12th April 2021
By Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest • Issue #8 • View online
Another weekly post with things that caught my eye in the last week that I think are worth sharing. I’ve moved back to Revue from HEY World for these weekly posts. The editor is just better for what I’m doing. Plus, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know how bullish I am on Twitter generally and Revue is now part of the Twitter family.
I still love HEY for email. But I’m a staunch believer in using the right tool for each job. And Revue is a newsletter tool first and foremost.
This week’s post has 8 items, and also 8 new music pointers.

Gartner Top Security and Risk Trends for 2021 - Gartner - Link
Gartner published a listicle of the top 8 security-related risks they think should be on the radar of IT people this year. Worth a read.
6 Key Forces Shaping Technology and Service Providers Through 2025 - Gartner - Link
Gartner also published this article on the forces that will shape technology and service providers over the next four years. The Smarter With Gartner site that both these articles come from is worth keeping an eye on.
It’s summer tech conference season. This year they are all online for obvious reasons. I hope they retain the online format next year when we can travel again, as I think they are better that way. Having lots of videos that are just as long as they need to be, rather than trying to fill set time slots at an in-person conference is better. Maybe the future conferences should be hybrid. With all the short videos released for on-demand viewing, and then the physical sessions can be longer things that benefit from in-person interactions.
Here are the big three conferences over the next few months:
Google I/O - May 18th to 20th - Free to attend.
Microsoft Build - May 25-27 - Free to attend. Build website still should 2020 info at present. (see main events page for Build dates).
Apple WWDC - June 7th to 11th - Free to attend for Apple Developer program members.
Artificial Intelligence
Audio long-read: Rise of the robo-writers - Nature - Link
A good audio article about the rise of AI-based writing systems, such as GPT-3 from Open-AI. The audio story is also in the Nature podcast feed. Well worth subscribing for articles like this, and general science news.
Iceland’s Volcanoes Reveal the Hot History of Mars - Quanta Magazine - Link
I’ve been captivated by the new Icelandic volcano. Via videos on YouTube. This article from Quanta goes into some of the science behind it, and why planetary scientists and exo-biologists are treating the eruptions as an analogue for Mars.
Some of the new video close-ups from the eruption site in the last week have been remarkable. For example:
RVK Newscast #93: An Incredible Lava Flow Break Out Of The Mountain
I’ve never seen anything like this on a newscast or in a nature documentary. Especially from the 10:50 mark, where a collapse in a part of the crater wall allows lava to gush out in a waterfall of molten rock.
Some of the close-up drone footage is also stunning. And drone destroying, apparently! See here and here. Both of these videos were captured by Hermann Helguson. He’s on Instagram.
Expect more volcano related items in these posts for the foreseeable future. I love geology ☺️
‘Last Hope’ Experiment Finds Evidence for Unknown Particles - Quanta Magazine - Link
There has been a lot of commentary in the last week about the alleged new physics that results from a FermiLab experiment seem to support. This Quanta article is a good explainer. If the results are confirmed, it won’t change the physics of the Standard Model that drives the world we interact with. The energies where this new physics manifests are way higher than what we see in day to day stuff.
Film & Streaming
Netflix to Stream Sony Movies in New Deal - IndieWire - Link
There has been lots of speculation on when Sony would jump into the streaming market to provide an outlet for their Sony Pictures films after their cinema runs. Interestingly they have decided to form a partnership with Netflix rather than starting their own streaming service. Good. There are too many streaming services already!
Lego has a new 2,354-piece NASA Space Shuttle set, and it’s awesome - Ars Technica - Link
Ordered ☺️
New music I discovered this week
Hippy - Vicious Circle - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (fest. SZA) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Miguel - So I Lie - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Florrie - Walk Away - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Rakel - Keeping Me Awake - Apple Music - Spotify - Grapevine Iceland Article
Rakel - Our Favourite Line - Apple Music - Spotify - Grapevine Iceland Article
LoneLady - (There Is)No Logic - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Alice Merton - Vertigo - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
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