Ian Robinson's New Music Digest - 25th July 2021





Ian Robinson's New Music Digest - 25th July 2021
By Ian Robinson's Weekly Digest • Issue #23 • View online
You may have noticed that this post has been focused mostly on new music releases over the last few months. Indeed, the posts have been new music lists with some other article pointers attached.
I’ve decided to embrace that, do a pivot, and make this weekly post just a list of new music, with linked Apple Music and Spotify playlists for the singles, plus a selected track from each EP and album in the list.
The other non-music related stuff I’m going to start posting as link posts on my blog (like the posts on Daring Fireball) and Hey World. You can see my blog here, and if you use RSS, you can subscribe here. If you still want to get the weekly post and the single item link-style posts via email, then subscribe at Hey World. There is also an RSS feed at Hey World. The music list and the individual posts will also be on my Twitter feed.
I’ll continue to send the weekly music list post from here on Revue for a couple of weeks. If you want to continue receiving it, then use one of the ways listed above.

Autogenerated Playlist Cover Art from Apple Music
Autogenerated Playlist Cover Art from Apple Music
New music I discovered this week (listed in the order I added them to Apple Music)
Beebe - Vacation - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Lorde - Stoned at the Nail Salon - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Tom McLoughlin - If The Wanted To, They Would - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
DUNE Aimee - Only Us - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Wilso - Don’t U - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Instagram
Tim Atlas - Quota - (EP) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Yours Truly - Walk Over My Grave - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Michael Calfan - Imagining (feat. Gabrielle Aplin) - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter (Michael Calfan) - Twitter (Gabrielle Aplin)
Hembree - Reach Out - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
L.A. Exes - Baby Let’s Pretend - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Jewelia - Was it You or Was it Me - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Kat Robichaud - Charade - (EP) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Fascinations Grand Chorus - Cry Over You - (Single) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
ELSAS - The Art of The Concrete - (EP) - Apple Music - Spotify - Twitter
Here are Apple Music and Spotify playlists with all the singles and one selected track from each album or EP. In no particular order. Play them on shuffle!
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