IAM Pulse Check

By Ivan Dwyer

Quick bite commentary and curation to help wrangle the complexities of cloud operations & security. Also puns and tunes.

Quick bite commentary and curation to help wrangle the complexities of cloud operations & security. Also puns and tunes.

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🌟 IAM Pulse Check #18 – Together!

I spend a fair amount of time thinking about and talking to people about where IAM fits in the job. Cloud engineering as a whole has become such a vast subject with a number of focus areas and learning paths, that it's easy to get lost. While it's great that …


🌟 IAM Pulse Check #17 - Somethin' Else

Reminder - we're running a survey to help drive our content and programs for the year. We'd love your perspective!


🌟 IAM Pulse Check #16 - Happenings

Hey folks,Well, it sure has been a week in cloud security land... which is becoming quite the evergreen statement. Research teams keep finding major vulnerabilities across the major providers, sparking all sorts of grandiose claims and spirited debates online…


🌟 IAM Pulse Check #15 – Hear, Sense And Feel

Hey folks,Thanks to those who contributed content for our end of the year holiday drive – we donated $500 across 5 charities from a fresh batch of helpful member articles. Let's top that with our next campaign – the 2022 Cloud IAM Survey!We're planning our co…


IAM Pulse Check #14 - Holiday Drive

Hey folks,As we wind down the year (when did that happen?!) and look ahead to what's next, I hope everyone gets to enjoy a little holiday break. At least from your tech jobs... I bet there's a fair amount of insanity still ranging from kids to families to tra…


IAM Pulse Check #13 - Down With It

Hey folks,I'm sure everyone's had their fill of log4j findings for the weekend, so I'll spare you any more commentary – like a bad holiday party with too much stuffing and rancid egg nog. Not like I've been to a holiday party like that, but one can imagine. B…


IAM Pulse Check #12 - Regeneration

We'll have to wait until all the session videos are posted on YouTube, but the one I'm looking forward to the most is from Brigid Johnson from the AWS Identity team. We did get to meet and snap a pic in our favorite IAM tees :)


IAM Pulse Check #11 - A New Perspective

Hey folks,In the weeks leading up to AWS re:Invent, the content teams often sprinkle a few notable tidbits here and there, saving the big stuff for the main event. Sometimes it's a teaser for an upcoming product release, other times it's getting in front of s…


IAM Pulse Check #10 - Muito Moderna

Hey folks,It's going to be a brief newsletter this week – the Moderna booster knocked me out real good this weekend, so I'm still a bit loopy. Speaking of *ahem* responsibility, a big topic this week has been the Shared Responsibility Model of the major cloud…


IAM Pulse Check #9 - Journey In Satchidananda

PS - on the surface, this Tweet might sound counter to our mission to uplevel the IAM discipline, but in many ways I agree – you can have working auth and config without IAM users (for the most part, at least). I'm here for this future!


IAM Pulse Check #8 - Whodini

Before we get to the goods, we couldn't help ourselves with some fun Halloween trickery. I mean, who doesn't love a good R.L. Stine reference?!


IAM Pulse Check #7 - Patterns

Hey folks,One of my favorite parts of starting a new project is the abundance of discovery conversations to hear as many perspectives as I can. People with passion always bring their all to those chats, which I absolutely love. It's then my job to uncover mea…


IAM Pulse Check #6 - Saudade

Hey folks,Some words in Brazilian Portuguese don't have a direct translation to English, one of the most notable being the word Saudade. The closest way to describe it is that feeling of longing one gets when they've been away with someone or something for a …


IAM Pulse Check #5 - Take Five

Hey folks,Dave Brubeck's most famous track, Take Five, stands out for its 5/4 time signature, an adventurous meter for the time. He wanted to shake things up – and he did just that, inspiring more artists to explore new rhythms.New projects, regardless of siz…


IAM Pulse Check #4 - The Time is Now!

If you enjoy the album chosen for this week's issue, note that the aforementioned artist Phil Ranelin had a stroke last week, and is facing a challenging recovery. Supporters have setup a GoFundMe to help out. If you feel inclined, support here.


IAM Pulse Check #3 - Birth

The team has been working with a number of expert practitioners to kick off our community program with a bang. Here's a sampling of our excellent member contributed articles. Have the itch to contribute yourself? See our publishing guide to learn more.


IAM Pulse Check #2 - Spread Love

Rich Mogull of Securosis and DisruptOps kicked things off with an incredible keynote. I've always admired Rich for his technical depth, but also his humility and understanding of the challenges people face. As he often does, he landed a quote that would make …


IAM Pulse Check #1 – This is the Beginning

What do rare groove records have to do with cloud IAM? Nothing... but I'm a collector, and I love word play as much as I do puns, so I'll close out every issue with an album from my collection that fits the tone. I just have to add my personal flair, and hey.…