IAM Pulse Check #7 - Patterns



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IAM Pulse Check
IAM Pulse Check #7 - Patterns
By Ivan Dwyer • Issue #7 • View online
Hey folks,
One of my favorite parts of starting a new project is the abundance of discovery conversations to hear as many perspectives as I can. People with passion always bring their all to those chats, which I absolutely love. It’s then my job to uncover meaningful patterns, both in people’s career journeys & aspirations, and their job responsibilities & struggles.
IAM is a fascinating topic because the passion often lies in the nuance, and the challenge in the dimensions. IAM is deterministic, which makes it entirely predictable, but only with all of the right context. Mastering the craft means having a grasp on the nuances like a PassRole privilege escalation, and the dimensions like an SCP deny override, for example. Much like the classic board game Othello, IAM takes a minute to learn… a lifetime to master.
As a proponent of the Jobs To Be Done framework for product development, I’ve also been thinking about it in the context of our community and the content we’re collecting, curating, and creating. Our member authors have done a great job contributing their on-the-job expertise (no pun intended), and we’re starting to form a healthy catalog of usable reference materials (as intended).
We’re still very much in the early days here, but I’m starting to see some patterns emerge. In the most simplistic of terms, the career aspiration pattern is to know what you need to know about IAM to get the job done effectively – no more, no less. And the job responsibility pattern is to be able to confidently say, “this looks right” when writing or reviewing a policy.
What’s consistent about that is the desire to keep it simple amidst the depth of the nuance and dimensions. No easy task by any means, but that’s what we’re here to figure out!

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