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IAM Pulse Check #6 - Saudade

IAM Pulse Check
IAM Pulse Check #6 - Saudade
By Ivan Dwyer • Issue #6 • View online
Hey folks,
Some words in Brazilian Portuguese don’t have a direct translation to English, one of the most notable being the word Saudade. The closest way to describe it is that feeling of longing one gets when they’ve been away with someone or something for a long time.
Seeing a lot of familiar faces together in person at last week’s KubeCon gave me a strong feeling of Saudade as I watched from afar online. While not directly related to the IAM domain, the people and spirit are the same – cloud practitioners all working together to make things better.
I recall the first KubeCon in San Francisco, tiny in comparison to what it has become today. Speaking of large conferences, I’m also old enough to remember when AWS re:Invent was only in one hotel. Our team does plan to be there in person this year, which will quickly turn that feeling of Saudade into a feeling of Get Me the Hell Out of Here. 3 days - that’s my Vegas limit :)
We’re cooking up something fresh and fun for re:Invent. Stay tuned!

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From the depths of my personal collection
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