IAM Pulse Check #5 - Take Five



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IAM Pulse Check
IAM Pulse Check #5 - Take Five
By Ivan Dwyer • Issue #5 • View online
Hey folks,
Dave Brubeck’s most famous track, Take Five, stands out for its 5/4 time signature, an adventurous meter for the time. He wanted to shake things up – and he did just that, inspiring more artists to explore new rhythms.
New projects, regardless of size and scope, are always adventurous. With IAM Pulse, we also want to shake things up by shining light on a domain that needs it, and elevating those who deserve it. I saw a Tweet yesterday that reminded me of the spirit behind our brand identity when we first started this project.
There is purpose behind the name IAM Pulse beyond the obvious descriptor (and endless puns) – it’s a nod to Impulse Records, a major jazz record label from the 60s to today. Alongside fellow jazz labels of the time like Blue Note and Prestige, Impulse had its own aesthetic and sound. Some of John Coltrane’s best work came from his time with Impulse.
However, for every John Coltrane, there’s 99 unknown session players from that era who showed up and did the work, but didn’t get much shine or credit. I see parallels between jazz and the IT/Security field right there. When I think about the community we aim to build and foster, it’s for the 99 people showing up and doing the work.
Then there’s the craft – the cloud is a dynamic environment, and needs professionals who can adapt to changes on the fly. You can tell when a musician only knows how to follow the notes on a page, just like you can tell when an engineer only knows how to turn the knobs from the instructions. Mastery comes from a fundamental understanding of the underlying principles, and a whole lot of practice.
So whether your style is aggressive like Coltrane or smooth like Miles, let’s play together!

Ken Westin
The security industry doesn’t need rockstars, it need jazz players. Folks who know their art, the technical aspects, theory and frameworks, as well as the ability to collaborate and play off of each other and improvise when necessary.
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Quick bite commentary and curation to help wrangle the complexities of cloud operations & security. Also puns and tunes.

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