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IAM Pulse Check #4 - The Time is Now!

IAM Pulse Check
IAM Pulse Check #4 - The Time is Now!
By Ivan Dwyer • Issue #4 • View online
Hey folks,
Miles Davis famously said, “time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing.” Don’t worry, this isn’t turning into an inspirational quotes newsletter!
As technology professionals, time is hard to keep track of. While some things change rapidly in a short period of time, other things remain the same for what feels like forever. While some chant, “it’s time to build!”, others challenge, “is it time to fix yet?
I’ve been thinking about timing a lot lately, and as mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I feel like now is the right time to give the IAM domain the dedicated attention it deserves. One reason being the constant struggle between building and fixing. Mature cloud teams are doing their best to answer with, “why not both?”, but that’s easier said than done. Bringing a Shift Left mentality to cross-functional workstreams is a great place to start, but it requires a lot of surrounding context and understanding to truly measure impact.
The level of specialization required to do this right is more than should be expected of development teams focused on building the best products, and it’s also only one of many things security teams have to juggle with. When a domain requires specialization, that means dedication.
Of the many anecdotes I’ve seen and heard in just the past few weeks to support this thesis, the Tweet below really popped as timely (no pun intended). Nothing says the time is now quite like a sense of urgency!
That said, not every company has the luxury of dedication, leaving most teams with the responsibility of becoming psuedo-specialists. Quite the burden to carry! That’s why it’s our mission as a team to up-level everyone’s understanding of the domain through shared knowledge and experiences, and the IAM Pulse community aims to be the place where you can come to learn and discuss the practice with your peers.
We’re early, but the time is now!

Srinath Kuruvadi
This is a fairly urgent Sr Cloud Security Engineer role on my team at Netflix. Please apply directly if you like working on AWS IAM & credentials mgmt, reducing blast radius, right-sizing of permissions and cloud guardrails at scal…
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From the depths of my personal collection
If you enjoy the album chosen for this week’s issue, note that the aforementioned artist Phil Ranelin had a stroke last week, and is facing a challenging recovery. Supporters have setup a GoFundMe to help out. If you feel inclined, support here.
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