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IAM Pulse Check #3 - Birth

IAM Pulse Check
IAM Pulse Check #3 - Birth
By Ivan Dwyer • Issue #3 • View online
Hey folks,
I’m excited to announce that we went live with the IAM Pulse community site last week, and have received an overwhelmingly positive response to the concept itself, and for our first batch of member contributed articles.
Any new community takes time to get going, but I am equally pleased and surprised at how enthusiastically people jumped on it. It feels timely to me – so few are IAM specialists, yet so many carry the responsibility. The surface area is growing and constantly changing, making it hard to reason with in the context of daily work. It’s becoming crystal clear that IAM is a discipline that warrants further dedication, not just a footnote.
Like any complex discipline, it’s best to take it in stride – on the way to becoming an expert is building more confidence. In simple terms, building confidence means responding to, “does this look right?” with greater conviction over time. When the status quo response is something like, “who’s to say?”, any improvement is miles ahead.
In that spirit, the content that we aim to bring into this community, and the conversations we will help facilitate amongst our members will both help derive a better fundamental understanding of the core principles behind IAM, and provide explicit examples of best practice use cases.
And just like the discipline itself, our team is taking community development in stride. As we crawl, walk, and run, we’d love to hear from you what would bring the most value. To break the ice, I’d love to hear what specific topics you want to learn more about. Could it be policy specifics like SCPs, Conditions, or Permission Boundaries? Workflow practices like code reviews, on and offboarding, or compliance reporting? Let us know by replying to this email, or giving us a shout on Twitter or LinkedIn.

IAM checking these out...
The team has been working with a number of expert practitioners to kick off our community program with a bang. Here’s a sampling of our excellent member contributed articles. Have the itch to contribute yourself? See our publishing guide to learn more.
IAM listening to this...
It won’t always be the case that my most recent vinyl acquisition lines up with the newsletter topic, but the stars aligned on this one!
From the depths of my personal collection
From the depths of my personal collection
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