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🌟 IAM Pulse Check #18 – Together!

IAM Pulse Check
🌟 IAM Pulse Check #18 – Together!
By Ivan Dwyer • Issue #18 • View online
Hey folks,
A lot of great content to share this week – some published on our community site, others found online. If so inclined, I’d appreciate a social share or a reply with what types of recurring content brings the most value.

Top of Mind
I spend a fair amount of time thinking about and talking to people about where IAM fits in the job. Cloud engineering as a whole has become such a vast subject with a number of focus areas and learning paths, that it’s easy to get lost. While it’s great that software delivery has become more of a team sport than ever before, modern cloud architectures also place a lot of responsibility on individuals to learn new things.
I aim to tackle cross-functional responsibilities – personal and technical – through a series of articles looking at AWS IAM through the lens of specific job functions. These aren’t meant to be 101 pieces that describe the basic elements of IAM, rather a selective look at things that really matter. As a function so closely tied to software delivery, I started the series with Software Developers.
Give a read, and be on the lookout for more in the series. I’d be interested in hearing from you too – given your role, what do you think is most important to know about IAM?
IAM a Developer - What Do I Really Need to Know About AWS IAM? | IAM Pulse
From the Community
Check Your Buckets!
Check Your Buckets!
From the Web
Test Your IAM Skills
Along with cranking out quality content, Kyler has been active on social with periodic IAM brain teasers – helpful for test practice or keeping yourself sharp. Once you finish your daily Wordle, pop on over to our puzzles for something fresh!
IAM Pulse
Coming at ya with more AWS certification practice! 🧐

We have an AWS ECS cluster, and we want our launched containers to assume a role using STS. Which IAM role should we grant the rights to do the assuming?

For extra credit, what service should the assumed role trust?
What IAM listening to
From the depths of my personal collection
From the depths of my personal collection
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