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Mukesh Murugan's Newsletter - Issue #6

Mukesh Murugan
Mukesh Murugan
I just published an article on “How to Deploy ASP.NET Core Web API to Amazon ECS” with AWS Fargate and Docker Containers!
In this article, we will be looking into How to Deploy ASP.NET Core Web API to Amazon ECS, aka Amazon Elastic Container Services. So, with this we will cover tons of topics including ASP.NET Core Web API with MongoDB (this will be our sample application, just to demonstrate the usage of multiple docker containers), Dockerizing the Application, Pushing Docker Images to ECR (Elastic Container Registry), Creating Amazon ECS Services and Task Definitions, Port Mappings, Working with VPC and so much more.
  • What is Amazon ECS?
  • ECS Workflow – In Short
  • Building a Simple ASP.NET Core Web API with MongoDB Integration
  • Docker File
  • Building Docker Image
  • Pushing Docker Image to Amazon ECR
  • Running the Docker Image Locally and Connection to Local MongoDB Instance
  • Setting up AWS ECS
  • Defining Tasks in Amazon ECS
  • Deploy MongoDB Container to ECS
  • Enabling Traffic to 27017 Port – VPC
  • Deploying the .NET API to ECS
  • Setting Environment Variables
  • Testing

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Mukesh Murugan
Mukesh Murugan @iammukeshm

Talks about #aspnetcore #dotnet #golang #aws and learning a lot more in the process!

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