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Mukesh Murugan's Newsletter - Issue #2

Mukesh Murugan
Mukesh Murugan
Just Blogged - AWS API Gateway with .NET – HTTP APIs with Lambda & DynamoDB Integrations
In this article, we will be getting started with AWS API Gateway with .NET. Using this, we will be able to expose AWS Lambdas to the external world quite easily.
In a previous article, we learned about working with AWS Lambda using .NET, which is a vital point for getting started with Serverless applications. Although we built and deployed those Lambdas onto AWS, we never really discussed how we would expose them to be invoked by the external world.
Topics Covered:
What is AWS API Gateway?
Building & Publishing an AWS Lambda with .NET
Creating AWS API Gateway
Exploring AWS API Gateway Console Interface
Building Students Management AWS Lambda with .NET
- Getting All Students
- Create Student
- Get Student By ID
- Adding DynamoDB Permissions.
- Wiring up AWS API Gateway with .NET Lambda
Read the entire article -
Quick Update on the eBook, It’s still in progress. Couple of more topics to cover. Not really able to invest enough time due to my schedule. But will be released soon!

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Mukesh Murugan
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