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AWS For .NET Developers & eBook Announcement - Issue #1

Mukesh Murugan
Mukesh Murugan
Hey everyone!
I started writing an eBook about building an ASP.NET Core Web API 6.0 following clean architecture principles, Domain-Driven Architecture, and several other latest NuGet packages, C# 10 Features, and stuff. This eBook will have over 40 essential topics covered in almost 250+ pages, and will be very comprehensive in nature! Launch by June 20th!
We will be building a complete API from scratch. Full source code will be included chapter-wise.
I am building this ebook in public so that you get to see the ebook writing journey! To see updates about the ebook, make sure to follow me on Twitter -

Mukesh Murugan
Documenting my #dotnet6 #webapi #ebook writing journey with #daily updates on progress.

✅ Hands-On Guide with #cleanarchitecture.
✅ Modern Features and Packages.
✅ 40+ Topics. 🔥
✅ Complete Source Code.😁

🚀Launch by June.

Follow if you are interested 🔥
Apart from that, Recently, I started working with some of the AWS Services at the office. Here are a couple of articles for the .NET Developers to start with Amazon Web Services!
S3 - Simple Storage Service
Working with AWS S3 using ASP.NET Core Web API to upload, download and delete files from Amazon’s Super Scalable S3! Apart from that, we will also learn more about Amazon’s S3, the problem it solves, dive a bit into the AWS Console for S3 Management, AWS CLI, and Credentials Store, Generate Access Keys for accessing S3 via SDKs, Creating and Deleting S3 buckets, a bit about pre-signed URLs and so on! Read the entire article here.
Lambda Functions (Personal Favorite)
Learning about using AWS Lambda with .NET 6 and deploying this serverless function to AWS. Further, we will discuss the use cases of AWS Lambda, Installing the extensions and CLI template to ease the creation of AWS Lambda C# projects, configuring the AWS CLI with credentials, and some basics of Cloudwatch Logging. Read the entire article here.
Implementing CRUD with DynamoDB in ASP.NET Core Web API. we will go through the basics of DynamoDB, creating tables and partition keys via the AWS Console, using the AWS DynamoDB Nuget package, and connecting to the tables from our .NET 6 application, performing basic CRUD operations, and so on. Read the entire article here.
Thanks & Regards,
Mukesh Murugan
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Mukesh Murugan
Mukesh Murugan @iammukeshm

Talks about #aspnetcore #dotnet #golang #aws and learning a lot more in the process!

Writing an eBook on #aspnetcore #webapi. Launching Soon🤞

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