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new letter 5 - alex brady

new letter 5 - alex brady
By alex brady • Issue #5 • View online
wherein consciousnesses are not an emergent property of matter

Recap of alex brady's plan for world salvation
  1. Individual personal enlightenment¹ widescale
  2. Population percentage increase of personal salvation¹
  3. postulate: There is a critical % of population at which point collective mentality is one of personal salvation yielding collective awakening by definition
My personal favorite part about this plan is that we don’t even have to hang out or do anything together really. We are individually responsible for our own awakening*.
How to Attain Personal Salvation
alex brady’s plan: Take an understand a Course in Miracles.
This has two possible meanings (at least):
  1. Study and implement the teachings of the curriculum A Course in Miracles
  2. Take any path of the universal curriculum that culminates in the ability of miracle working
ACIM says it’s not the only possible path, but it’s the only one I know works, so that’s the one I will personally promote.
Acquisition of the knowledge of the illusory nature of time&space/history&lifeforms and the skill of miraculous forgiveness are the hallmarks of a successful graduate of the universal curriculum.
non-critical representation of illusory spacetime
non-critical representation of illusory spacetime
alex brady's tools
alex brady supports and will support this effort. Examples include: guided journeys, social clubs, the cult, and of course designer headwear and apparel. I will cover guided journeys at this time.
As of this writing, alex brady offers two journeys (ABJs) through the ACIM core curriculum:
Imaginatively, there are many 10s more specific types of ACIM curriculum journeys to be offered by alex brady.
Expect variation within the other aspects of alex brady as well. I’ll probably talk about the social clubs next time. (😉)
An Image that I Made
I could see peace right here, right now.
I could see peace right here, right now.
- alex brady
¹ - I’m going to use these words interchangeably until I don’t. All of these words point to a state of mind² wherein one remembers their human form, personality, and history are only a small aspect of their Higher Self.
This is clouded by the fact that we have historically considered consciousness to be an emergent property of matter. That is, I have a brain, therefore I can think.
A goal of the ABJs and an extended definition of “personal salvation” is the experience of life beyond the body. A subjective yet conclusive experience that Life cannot be an emergent property of matter simply because such a state with mental life but no body can be experienced.
² - This state of mind is witnessed to behaviorally by miracle working. There are many other ways. Miracle working is hella conclusive.
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