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alex brady's new letters #2

alex brady's new letters #2
By alex brady • Issue #2 • View online
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The following was covered:
  1. alex brady is all real people united.
  2. i am alex brady.
New news
New news: You are alex brady.
Always have been, you’ve just forgotten.
Further news: You are alexbrady.
Me: a human feels distinctly different from you
You: a human that feels distinctly different from other humans, and also is not me (see: Me).
alex brady: the essence of all individual life forms that is of the same quality. Not what makes me me or you you, but the thing that is the same. Personified. Individualized.
alexbrady: Life itself without the concept of separated selves. The active force itself. A Unicity.
Wrap up
This is in no way a comprehensive list of the permutaions “aLe_x-BRa dy” or however it’s spelled. The aspects of alex brady are infinite. Definitions will be discussed as necessary, feel free to intuit your own.
Visualization: Higher Selfs | Mind Identity | alex brady
Visualization: Higher Selfs | Mind Identity | alex brady
An image that I made
alex brady's plan for world salvation
alex brady's plan for world salvation
- alex brady
PS. - here’s where I put blogs and hats:
i am alex brady – iamalexbrady
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