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alex brady's new letter (7)

alex brady's new letter (7)
By alex brady • Issue #7 • View online
I introduce my web content log and Go over the current ABCs – alex brady communities.

a.b sees content stream
Hey everyone,
I write pretty prolifically. All of it comes from the Holy Spirit (because of my identity). If a different set of words works better for you, here are a few that are similarly accurate. My writings are:
  • messages from Higher Self
  • Channeled from Jesus
  • Direct speakings from Buddha Mind / Christ / Great Mind
we are one
rediscovering is probably a better word for it...terms are potentially controversial 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
All of the writings are appropriate to be brought into the world, read, and understood by our selves. Not all writings speak to the same level of spiritual awareness. Surely most speak to many.
For an example of another set of writings that speak to many levels of spiritual awareness, see the A Course in Miracles curriculum.
The web content log is found at alex brady’s website: Specifically, the a.b sees blog.
ABCs - alex brady communities
Definition #337: alex brady (n.) – not a hunter, but a gatherer
I bring minds together. Here’s how:
A. philosophy-club
The gathering of the minds that save the world. World salvation discussions. Bring anything that’s on your mind. I’ll be bringing Mind Identity Theory (aka The Heat 🔥😏)
Membership: Private (request to join)
B. S(ociety?) f(or?) A Course in Miracles
SFACIM. We haven’t quite decided on what the S or F stands for. Join now before the final vote to have your say in the matter.
Community of ACIM lovers for joining and companionship. Find like minds and mighty companions here.
Membership: Public
C. One Self
The gathering of our One Self. ACIM-oriented, dedicated followers of Holy Spirit. At this level of membership, we’re interested in faith and conviction. Are you the holy Son of God himself?
Don’t find us; We’ll find you. Feel free to request membership through the homepage.
Membership: Invite Only
and of course, the D:
we're on reddit
we're on reddit
D. r/iamalexbrady subreddit
We’re on reddit. Add alexbrady content to a feed you’re already browsing:
This is the most publicly accessible ABC. ACIM, metaphysics, cool hats, memes – bring wholesome smart and fun stuff for the community.
Membership: Public af
Community Request
If you join an alex brady community, I have one request:
You Engage.
A major part of the alex brady initiative is to open lines of communication. (Open the line of communication, if you know what I mean 😏).
So, share and share some more. Comment on other people’s stuff. Feel free to lurk until you’re ready. I’m happy you’re in attendance.
To get the most out of the experience, Engage.
an image I have made
an image I have made
Closing remarks
As I’m sure you remember, there is a Slack-based chatroom community as well for easy and direct communication between all members of all alex brady communities. It’s not open yet. :) Coming Soon.
Love you guys. Stay fresh, and until next time,
- alex brady
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The light of the world. I am One Self.
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