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alex brady's new letter #4

alex brady's new letter #4
By alex brady • Issue #4 • View online
A lot of what I talk about has to do with A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and is derived from the psychological and ontological theories proposed by the course. This letter is about ACIM.

What is ACIM?
As well as being a masterpiece of psychology, literature, and general spirituality, ACIM is a curriculum for personal salvation. If you have not read it, put down all my new letters and go read those ones. It covers the foundation for most ideas I discuss, and I will not be clarifying points that are thoroughly dissected within ACIM.
I have a YouTube playlist On ACIM currently with introductory information. I also like shootin’ the sh!t on ACIM, so more introductory and advanced videos on that playlist are not out of the realm of possibility.
What is ACIM? | On ACIM | alex brady
What is ACIM? | On ACIM | alex brady
My primary audience is people who are ready to experience the living experience of personal and world salvation. According to the course, ACIM itself is not a requirement for the attainment of this experience..
But it is a requirement for WTF I’m going to be talking about, so at least have an intellectual understanding of what it says psychologically and ontologically to grasp the ends and means of the Plan for Salvation I’ll be discussing.
"I do not need introductory ACIM information."
Great. Follow this link to take a one question survey:
“Tell me your identity.”
Go ahead and take the survey even if you did need the info.
I like this song
Phil Lober - Alive
Phil Lober - Alive
Alive by Phil Lober
Closing Remarks
Repeat after me: “My happiness and my function are one.”
- alex brady
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