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Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #9

Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #9
By Rakshith Pai M • Issue #9 • View online
I) Do you know the impact of Inflation on your Consumption?
Inflation is nothing but “too much money following too few goods”. It is an act of inflating the money supply. It is to print more money into circulation. Thus, when few goods & services are produced, the money you hold becomes less valuable. 
All around the world, inflation is taking hold. Inflation in industrialized nations, including the United States and the United Kingdom, has hit 40-year highs despite growing commodity prices. What’s going on here, exactly? 
For more info, Check: “Inflation and its impact on Indian Consumers
II) When Inflation can affect us in such a drastic manner, all time is the right time for Investing!
For most people, learning how to invest is an essential part of their retirement planning process. After all, how you spend your post-work years depends on how much money you have saved and invested in the decades leading up to your retirement.
When you’re in your 30s and 40s, the asset allocation approach you used in your 20s and 30s will no longer work for you.
For more info, Check: “10 Best Investments for Any Age!
III) Stock Investing is Important. But, which stock? where to invest??
How about Investing in some of India’s largest companies! We call them “Blue Chip” Companies.
Stock in a publicly traded company with a nationwide reputation for high quality, dependability, and the ability to create a profit in good and bad times is referred to as a “blue chip.”
With a big market value, strong fundamentals, and regular dividend payments, a blue chip stock is one of the most sought-after in the stock market. Small and mid-cap stocks tend to be more stable and less volatile than their larger counterparts. It’s easy to recognize a blue-chip company because of its extensive distribution network, which offers high-quality products and services across the country.
For more info, Check: “15 Best Blue Chip Companies in India - 2022
IV) Yes, We know we need to Invest. we know the importance of Investing. But, How?? We got no savings!
If that’s your worry. Why not check an alternative job? Why not go for employment that offers high pay?
India is the fastest-growing economy in the world. One of the best places to get a high-paying job in India is in its metro cities, where you can use your skills to earn a lot of money. According to recent reports, there are a number of high-paying occupations in India. Check out the careers below if you’re interested in exploring one of these professions.
We all know that finding a high-paying job is critical to living in this opulent world where inflation is on the rise. What’s not to like about achieving financial success and a stronger sense of well-being?
For more info, Check: “15 Highest Paying Jobs in India - 2022
V) If Directing Equity Investing isn’t what you are looking for. Try Equity Fund. And, if diversification is something you wish to do. Then check Equity & Debt Oriented Mutual Fund.
Professional fund managers oversee a mutual fund, which is a pool of money. A group of investors who want to reach the same investment goal pool their money and invest it in stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and/or other securities.
The quick diversification that mutual funds provide is one of their most significant advantages. Even if you have a small budget, mutual funds let you spread out your investments by combining your money with that of many other people. This lowers your risk.
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