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Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #16

Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #16
By Rakshith Pai M • Issue #16 • View online
Hello Everyone,
I’m Rakshith Pai and this is my 16th issue of the newsletter.
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Here are my Must Read Website articles:
I) Become Debt Free - Easy & Quick Way to be Debt Free:
Personal debt is a debt for which you, as an individual, are legally accountable. In this context, “personal” simply means “non-business,” as when you and your spouse take out a loan to buy a house, car, educational loan, etc. 
Individual debt can also be either secured or unsecured. When you put up collateral (such as security) to get a loan, it’s called “secured debt.” Unsecured debt is based only on your word that you’ll pay it back. The use of personal debt to finance expenditures rather than capital expenditures is inevitable.
II) 10 Best Dividend Yielding Mutual Funds:
The primary focus of dividend yield funds, as a subset of mutual funds, is on investing in firms with the ability to pay dividends on a consistent basis. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) requires that at least 65% of a dividend yield fund’s assets be invested in dividend-paying securities.
Dividend yield mutual funds are divided into two categories based on equity exposure. A dividend-paying equity fund has a minimum equity investment of 65%. Unless otherwise specified, the fund is dividend-paying equity or debt fund.
For more info, Check: “10 Best Dividend Yielding Mutual Funds
III) 7 Best Sectors for Wealth Creation by 2030: 
Before investing in Indian equities, one must know the various sectors offered by the market. The significance of knowing the dynamics of a sector for long-term investors cannot be overstated. 
Understanding dynamics is a crucial component of stock selection. Here, you can find in-depth analyses of several industries, including not only their past growth but also their important growth drivers and future prospects.
For more info, Check: “7 Best Sectors for Wealth Creation by 2030
IV) Build Investment Portfolio from Scratch:
An investment portfolio is a combination of various assets put together, invested such that each asset with its own correlation, affects one another’s return. 
The goal of each investor with a diversified portfolio is to earn money through capital appreciation or dividend payouts. Your share in portfolio investment must be passive, meaning you do not make management choices, unlike an investment in a firm you actively control. 
For more info, Check: “Build Investment Portfolio from Scratch
V) Rupee Cost Averaging? How to Benefit from it?
The rupee cost averaging strategy involves investing a certain sum of money at regular intervals, regardless of whether the markets are moving up or down. Thus, you can increase your purchases during market downturns and reduce them during market peaks. 
In the long run, this method will reduce your average cost per unit. We can depend less on luck when we use the arithmetic mean of purchases in the currency.
For more info, Check: “Rupee Cost Averaging? How to Benefit from it?
Here are my weekly Website articles:
  1. Inflation and its impact on the Economy & Stock Market:
  2. Magic Formula Investing:
  3. Everything You Need to Know About Health Insurance:
  4. Multi-Asset Allocation Mutual Fund & Its Importance:
  5. Become Debt Free - Easy & Quick Way to do:
  6. 10 Best Dividend Yielding Mutual Funds:
  7. 7 Best Sectors for Wealth Creation by 2030: 
  8. 5 Futuristic Sectors to Invest in India:
  9. Build Investment Portfolio from Scratch:
  10. Rupee Cost Averaging? How to Benefit from it?
Here are my weekly WebStories:
  1. Top 12 High Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) Companies:
  2. Top Ten (10) Health Insurance Companies:
  3. Top Five (5) Multi-Asset Allocation Mutual Fund:
  4. Top Ten (10) Flexi Cap Mutual Fund:
  5. Seven (7) Easy Steps to Become Debt-free:
  6. Best 12 Companies as per Joel Greenblatt Magic formula:
  7. Top Five (5) Dividend Yielding Mutual Funds:
  8. Five (5) Futuristic Sectors to Invest in India:
  9. Top Ten (10) Players in Retail Insurance Segment:
  10. Top Ten (10) Indian Companies with High FPI Investment:
Here are my weekly YouTube videos:
  1. Don’t have a House Rent Allowance (HRA)? But Wish to take Tax Benefits?
  2. Rupee & Dollar Relations! Why Does Rupee Fall When Dollar Rises!?!
  3. Watch Before Getting a Life Insurance! What to Look for in Insurance Policy?
  4. Fed Up with 9 to 5 Job? Want a New Side Hustle..? Side Hustles For Extra Money!
  5. Natural Born Swindler & Con-Artist Charles Ponzi from America & Canada
  6. What are Momentum Funds? Do They Provide Hefty Returns!? Nifty 200 Momentum 30 Index Fund 
  7. What’s the relation between the Equity Market & Inflation? What’s the Impact of Inflation on the economy
  8. FIRE Principle - Is Early Retirement Possible? Easy Retirement Tips 
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