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Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #14

Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #14
By Rakshith Pai M • Issue #14 • View online
Hello Everyone,
I’m Rakshith Pai and this is my 14th issue of the newsletter.
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Here are my weekly Website articles:
I) The 50/30/20 Rule of Budgeting. Its Features & Importance Explained:
The 50/30/20 budgeting rule is a simple guideline for allocating funds among necessities, luxuries, and long-term goals. It’s not a strict law, but it may serve as a general rule of thumb when it comes to creating a budget.
It’s a budgeting strategy that emphasizes saving over spending. A good budget may help you figure out how much money you should be spending and on what kinds of things. If you’re looking to improve your financial health and stability, the 50/30/20 rule might be a useful tool.
II) Small-Cap Investing: Features, Advantages & Disadvantages Explained:
When referring to publicly listed companies, “small-cap” refers to those with a market value of between a few hundred crores and about Rs. 10,000 crores. In this context, “cap” means a company’s full market value.
Brokerages and market analysts may use different criteria when deciding how to classify firms as a small, mid, or big cap. This is a particular category on the stock exchange, and its value shifts as the company’s stock does. The remaining number of shares in a firm is what is meant by “market valuation.”
III) Top 10 Investment Mistakes To Avoid:
Investment mistakes are nothing but taking unwarranted decisions, thus putting oneself at unwanted risk.
Investors’ risk aversion and investing philosophies are not often made explicit. In such instances, investment judgments become less reliable, resulting in chaos. Contrarily, when a bull market is nearing its top, conservative investors become aggressive in the hopes of reaping hefty gains, and when a bear market has just ended, aggressive investors become too cautious and miss out on chances.
For more info, Check: “Top 10 Investment Mistakes To Avoid
IV) Stock Market Distractions! Find the path to Focused Investing:
If you read the mainstream media, you’ll notice that there is a lot of uproar about the election, the uncertainty surrounding geopolitical issues, and the potential Fed rate hike. The mainstream media tries to explain the unfathomable: what is happening in the markets right now and how long it will stay.
But with all this noise, when you compare the market results over a long stretch of time, I mean, at some point, you’ll start feeling, Does it even matter? That’s when you think, “Maybe there’s a lack of focus in our investing strategy.”
V) How to Value Stocks Using Absolute PE Model
Fundamental analysis exists in a dynamic environment. In order to increase the precision of the analytical process, new formulas, methods, strategies, tools, and technologies are frequently presented around the world. 
However, while most of these new debuts last for a while before being replaced by something new, a select few strategies have managed to hold onto their position. Absolute PE is one such well-liked stock analysis technique.
For more info, Check: “How to Value Stocks Using Absolute PE Model
Here are my weekly WebStories:
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  2. Top Ten (10) FMCG Companies:
  3. Top Ten (10) Retail Companies:
  4. Top Ten (10) Investment Mistakes to Avoid!
  5. Top Ten (10) Best Business Books to Read:
  6. Top Ten (10) Investment Options for Indians:
  7. Top Ten (10) Principles by Mr.Rakesh Jhunjhunwala:
  8. Top 12 High Return on Equity (ROE) Companies:
Here are my weekly YouTube videos:
  1. Rupee & Dollar Relations! Why Does Rupee Fall When Dollar Rises!?!
  2. Watch Before Getting a Life Insurance! What to Look for in Insurance Policy?
  3. Fed Up with 9 to 5 Job? Want a New Side Hustle..? Side Hustles For Extra Money!
  4. Natural Born Swindler & Con-Artist Charles Ponzi from America & Canada
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