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Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #12

Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #12
By Rakshith Pai M • Issue #12 • View online
Hello Everyone,
I’m Rakshith Pai and this is my 12th issue of the newsletter.
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Here are my weekly Website articles:
I) Personal Financial Overhaul. What is Overhaul you ask?
An overhaul is to examine something thoroughly. Personal Financial Overhaul is to direct our attention toward our Personal Finances. And, to audit the same in order to rectify mistakes if any.
The sole purpose of auditing our personal finance is to achieve our desired financial goals without any disturbances.
II) Wealth Creation is possible only when we do what’s right and do it for a long period. So, in our next article, we stress Long-term Investing.
Investing in the long term is one of the best strategies to ensure your financial security in the future. Over the past few years, it may have been tempting to abandon a long-term strategy in favor of a short-term one.
It’s more vital than ever to focus on long-term investments and stick to your game plan in light of the market’s high valuations.
For more info, Check: “5 Best Long-Term Investments in India
III) Long-term Investing is fine. But, where to Invest?
Check our detailed article on "Beginners Guide to Investing”
Investing has always been known to reach our financial goals. It is to improve our lifestyle and to improve our standard of living to the ones we actually deserve. Investing isn’t any new term that came out to be in fame in recent times. We always have known various concepts of investing and people have made fortunes out of their investments.
But, can everyone become an investor? Is investing easy we have come across many manuals by the name ‘investing for dummies. Is it possible to be a professional investor without any qualification degree? We have known individuals making millions and billions worth of fortune by investing. But, is it really possible for each and every one of us?
——————————————————————————————————IV) In this next article, we have drafted down Investing Tips Specifically for the Stock Market Investors!
A stock is a form of equity that gives shareholders a stake in a publicly traded corporation. Because it’s an actual share of ownership in the company, if you possess all of its stock, you have complete power over how the company functions. A stock market is a group of securities that can be bought and sold by the public on a number of exchanges.
People who own stock in a corporation can resell their shares to other investors who wish to purchase them on the stock market. An exchange like the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq is used for this type of trade. Traders no longer have to go to the exchange floor in person to do business. Instead, the vast majority of transactions are now done online.
For more info, Check: “15 Stock Investing Tips For Beginners
V) No Interest to Invest in the Equity Market? Or not yet ready to take on the added risk that comes with Stock Market Investing? No worries.
Investors who are fearful of losing their money can consider a fixed deposit. However, in recent years, various fixed deposit options have become more popular. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on. With a set deposit, it’s an ideal choice for the prudent investor. A lump sum deposit is all that is required, and you’ll receive a guaranteed interest rate for a predetermined period of time.
Furthermore, the value of a fixed deposit is not affected by changes in the market. As the financial environment has changed, people are willing to take more risks in exchange for higher returns that are also tax-advantageous. In addition to the fixed deposit, there are a variety of alternative investment possibilities.
Here are my weekly YouTube videos:
  1. Prashant Jain Sir’s Investment Philosophy. What Retail Investors Can Learn From Him?
  2. How to Plan your Tax Saving Investments for the year in India?
  3. How to Start Investing in Your 20s So to Become CROREPATI! Brief on Financial Planning & Wealth creation
  4. Top 5 Income Tax Saving Investments - 2022 | Tax Planning for a Salaried Professional
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