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Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #10

Welcome to "rakshithpai•com" newsletter - Issue #10
By Rakshith Pai M • Issue #10 • View online
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I) If Directing Equity Investing isn’t what you are looking for. Try Equity Fund. And, if diversification is something you wish to do. Then check Equity & Debt Oriented Mutual Fund.
Professional fund managers oversee a mutual fund, which is a pool of money. A group of investors who want to reach the same investment goal pool their money and invest it in stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and/or other securities.
The quick diversification that mutual funds provide is one of their most significant advantages. Even if you have a small budget, mutual funds let you spread out your investments by combining your money with that of many other people. This lowers your risk.
II) Why Invest in Debt Fund when you can invest in debt itself! But, Before investing in debt, you must know what is Debt Financing, and what are its features and benefits.
One of the most significant challenges faced by small firms is gaining access to money in order to pursue expansion strategies. The benefits and drawbacks of debt financing should be carefully considered. 
One of the universal laws of business is that you need money to make money, but you need cheap money to last. Furthermore, where will all of that cash be sourced from? Numerous alternatives exist.
III) Now, let’s look at scams. No.. not a scam that’s done by Politicians or Businessmen. Here we talk about such a scam that’s done onto you!
Yes, Each and every business is full of deceiving and gimmicks. The stock market is no exception.
The stock market continues to be one of the most popular investment vehicles. In addition to generating wealth, it has also provided investors with satisfactory returns on their capital. But sometimes fraudsters tricked investors and misled the market, causing losses that could not be made up.
“Securities fraud,” which is also called “stock fraud” or “investment fraud,” is when people on the stock or commodity markets try to trick investors into trading quickly based on false information. This is against the law.
For more info, Check: “What are Stock Market Scams?
IV) Wish to Avoid Scam baits and thrive in Equity Investing? Then this is the article for you! Learn how to shortlist a company for investment. Learn the 10 aspects one needs to look into before investing.
When an investor purchases shares of a company through the stock market, they are making a direct equity investment. Equity, then, refers to the cash invested in a corporation in the form of shares. To get voting control, the investor is essentially purchasing a stake in the company.
The long-term returns of equity investments are superior to those of every other asset category. True. But how can you choose the best firm? Understanding a company’s operations, financial health, and future prospects is always time well spent. 
For more info, Check: “How to Short-list Companies Worth Investing?
V) Especially you in your 20s… Yeah! I’m talking to you’ll! If you are not investing now, what else are you doing for a better future? I mean what are you doing regarding your Financial Planning!
The 20s is considered a time to grow knowledge and be established with all your initial funds, so start with it. Concentrate on saving capital. Use the saved capital to invest in long-term growth. Later, such Investment comes as a natural source of earning for any venture that is run for a long period of time. 
It’s a popular thing to invest in during your 20s – and that’s the right decision to make. According to financial experts, investing in your 20s is the right decision because when you’re young, you get to experience the power of compounding in a real sense. Especially the case if your earning potential is higher and you stay invested till your later years. 
For more info, Check: “Investing tips in your 20s
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  4. What is the Rule of 72 in Investing? Power of Compounding Double your Investment!
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