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Not this week but next

Last week, I said that this week you may see changes to the newsletter, but I also said that those ch
Not this week but next
By Iain Broome • Issue #21 • View online
Last week, I said that this week you may see changes to the newsletter, but I also said that those changes might actually arrive next week instead. The second of those things is correct.
I can share two important pieces of information though. I’m changing the name of the newsletter (again – I know, I know) and moving everything over to Substack. When you get an email from Unslush, do not worry. For that shall be me.
I linked to Substack earlier this year and I’ve had my eye on it ever since. It’s sold as being the best way for a writer to start a paid newsletter. And I reckon that’s probably true.
But I am not asking you to pay for this newsletter. At least not yet. I’m moving to Substack so I can make the newsletter better, add a podcast and find new readers – hopefully lots more readers.
I do think that for authors like me – published, mostly unknown, bit of an audience, plenty of tech chops – asking people to support your work with actual money is a sensible way forward.
Earning even a part-time salary by writing fiction is next to impossible. There is a reason I have spent the last few years building a separate career and not publishing novels.
So patronage and the ‘membership model’ is something I find really interesting. I think it’s the future. But not for the moment.
What I want to do with the newsletter now is write (and talk) more about the writing process itself, publishing and what it’s like to be an author with a full-time job (and family).
Don’t panic! I will still be sharing the usual links to all the marvellous literary goodness that I find on my internet travels. It’s all rather positive and exciting really. I think you’ll like it.
PS Quite a few people contacted me to say that last week’s email ended up in their spam folder. If you didn’t get it, please do have a look in your own dirty filth-drawer to see if it’s in there.

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