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How to start a book group

Hello there I'm pleased to say that week one was no fluke and just as many of you fine folk opened, c
How to start a book group
By Iain Broome • Issue #3 • View online
Hello there
I’m pleased to say that week one was no fluke and just as many of you fine folk opened, clicked and goodness knows what else you did with issue two of my rebooted newsletter.
It’s just turned midnight here, which means I have narrowly missed my ‘sent on Tuesdays’ deadline for this issue. But there is good reason, as I have spent the last two hours writing about how to start a book group, which is both exciting and linked to again below.
Thank you again to those of you who emailed me or left kind comments about my 'This is the year’ blog post last week. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget, you are welcome to hit reply and email ideas, links and anything else that’s legal any time you want.
Go find something useful.

Josh Gondelman
I wish there were at least one legendary writer who said something like: "The most important part of writing is the procrastinating for days before you start." That'd make me feel a lot better.
Sam Sykes
A lot of people ask me: "Sam, is it better to carefully write an outline before writing or just start writing?"
And I tell them the same thing I tell everyone: there are HUNDREDS of ways to write a book but only one correct one and if you try any of the others you go to bookjail
Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan on Writing Catastrophe
And finally...
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Iain Broome

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