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The Hypercritic Weekly Newsletter

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Issue #29: Falling in Fall 🍂

Dear Hypercritics,In this issue, you'll find eight tips on how to live a Hypercritic Fall.From tips on how to tackle the office routine to relaxing moments, we left nothing to chance. ✌Get ready to remember how charming this season is.  


Issue #28: Our #100essentials to...Experience

Dear Hypercritics,In our last chapter dedicated to the #100 essentials (for now), we want you to get to know one of our most exciting sections. This week we talk about #Experience, a large part of our website that collects the most important works of art from…


Issue #27: Super, anti and human... the hero's evolution 🌟

Dear Hypercritics,On September 18, we celebrated a special birthday, the 82nd anniversary of Batman, with a unique feature by our #Comics team. 🦇In this issue, we want to start from the Caped Crusader to a dive into the superhero figure, the antihero, and the…


Issue #26: Let's play with our #100essentials 🎼🏅🕹️

Dear Hypercritics, From Music to Sports to Video games, our #Play section offers many discoveries and creative ways to spend your time. Today we're introducing you to it through the roundup of our #100Essentials. Get ready to enjoy them!


Issue #25: Ghost in the Shell movie is back to IMAX theaters

Dear Hypercritics, After more than 25 years, Ghost in the Shell is still one of the most influential sci-fi and cyberpunk fiction of all time. Born from the manga of Masamune Shirow in 1989 and propelled to stardom thanks to Mamoru Oshii's movie in 1995, it q…


Issue #24: Novels, Poetry, and Comics in our #100 essentials to read

Dear Hypercritics, In this week's newsletter, we would like to offer you a new selection, taken directly from our #100 essentials: Books, Poems, and Comics that will brighten your return to work or the last days of vacation 📚 Enjoy these tips and if you misse…


Issue #23: Hypercritic's #100 essential...Readings 📖

Dear Hypercritics, After giving you a taste of our #100essential Movies and TV Shows, it's the right time to suggest something to #Read, with a full immersion in the most renowned novels of all time. However, there is so much more to explore on Hyercritic: th…


Issue #22: Hypercritic's #100 essential...TV Shows 📺

Dear Hypercritics, After last week's digression dedicated to Evangelion, we return to our #100 essentials in today's newsletter. However, we'll still explore the subject of seriality this week, rediscovering some excellent TV Shows from the past that still ke…


Issue #21: Welcome to Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Multiverse 💫

Dear Hypercritics,Today, the fourth and final chapter of the legendary Evangelion anime film series is released worldwide. 🤖Since 1995, Hideaki Anno's oeuvres have told stories from a parallel reality in which the protagonists must face threats to save humani…


Issue #20: Hypercritic's #100 essentials to...#Watch! 🎞️

Dear Hypercritics, During the Summer, we invite you to explore our #100 essentials collection, a growing ensemble in each section that you absolutely cannot miss. 📝This week We're kicking off with our #Watch section to help you rediscover past movies and rece…


Issue #19: The Summer Festival grand finale 🎆

Dear Hypercritics,In the last week of July, we offer you the grand finale of our Summer Festival!🎇Our authors and friends have selected a collection of their favorite records throughout the whole month for you. Here you have an itinerary through the best book…


Issue #18: The Hypercritic Olympic Games 🏅

Dear Hypercritics,Tokyo 2020 is finally here! 🇯🇵After such a long wait we can't wait to savor moments of pure Olympic passion. As of today, Hypercritic is also starting an itinerary among the most important episodes of the Olympics of every time.We begin with…


Issue #17: Hypercritic's First Birthday 🎂

Dear Hypercritics,On July 11, our project celebrated its first birthday: read what we have achieved so far and celebrate with us! 🎉Hypercritic is a dream come true, and with your support, we want to make it grow into the most powerful storytelling experience …


Issue #16: Hypercritic Summer Festival 🌻

Dear Hypercritics,July is a special month for us!Our adventure started exactly one year ago, on July 11 🎉We will celebrate throughout the month with our first Hypercritic Summer Festival. We have asked Hypercritics worldwide to suggest their favorite records,…


Issue #15: Waiting for the Festival de Cannes 🎥

Dear Hypercritics,The previews, the stars, the Croisette...✨The international Festival de Cannes is one of the most famous events in the world and its 74th edition, from July 6 to 17, marks a big step towards the normal life we have all been waiting for. 🌴Hyp…


Issue #14: Summertime 👒

Dear Hypercritics,With this issue, we celebrate these midsummer nights and days! 🌻Relax, cool up...and let's start ⛱️


Places we love: welcome to New York! 🌆

Dear Hypercritics,Whether we've been there or not, we have all visited New York before: in movies, stories, or just our imagination. 🗽Few places in the world have inspired authors like the Big Apple, with its streets and buildings. And we are lucky enough to …


Issue #12: Much more at stake than victory 💪

Euro 2020 fever is in the air! ⚽While waiting to cheer on our favorite teams, Hypercritic brings you into the world of sports, with a new section dedicated to the stories of competitions and athletes who made history (and made us root for them). From extreme …


Issue #11: Proud to be themselves🌈

Dear Hypercritics,In this issue, we want to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month with Art, TV Shows, Movies, and Books. 🏳️‍🌈Are you ready?! Let's go! ✨


Issue #10 - The power of friendship! 💕

Dear Hypercritics,This week we had a nostalgia moment with Friends: Reunion. 📺But looking for friendship in our collection, we can find powerful stories in which the characters' union is their strength. 💕Call your BFF, we're starting! 🍿