Issue #63: Light and darkness, from Caravaggio to Doctor Strange 🌗





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Two opposing or complementary concepts, light and darkness could not exist without each other.
Over the centuries, artists have made use of these elements to create a sense of sacredness or mystery in their work. But what if, in reality, light and darkness were not two separate elements, but there was always some darkness in the light and vice versa? 
The artists we have included in this week’s newsletter have all made skillful use of this theme, starting with Caravaggio and Rothko, and ending with the video games and comics that close this issue. 
Enjoy! 🌗

Creating a sacred atmosphere
➡️ Experience The Raising of Lazarus shows Caravaggio's innovations
➡️ Experience The Nativity | Art comes alive with new technologies
➡️ Experience Vincenzo Foppa's style persists over time
➡️ Experience Rothko Chapel | Abstract art equals universal spirituality
Aiming at the most obscure part of the human being
➡️ Watch A History of Violence | The past of a shining knight casts shadows
➡️ Read High-Rise | Ballard's dark, inner space
Exploring a dark, dark world
➡️ Play Dark Souls | From videogame to Myth
➡️ Play Hollow Knight | No cost too great
Fighting darkness and fear
➡️ Play Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice | Don't turn your back on death
➡️ Play Bloodborne | Between horror and beauty
➡️ Read The Death of Doctor Strange | How he solved his own murder
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