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Issue #62: Proud to celebrate the rainbow 🏳️‍🌈

The Hypercritic Weekly Newsletter
Dear Hypercritics,
June is the LGBTQI+ Pride Month.
It is the perfect occasion to create a path through some of the items in our collection concerning the theme of freedom, self-discovery and acceptance, and minority representation in stories. 
Are you ready to celebrate diversity from comics to cinema, from literature to music?
Let’s start! 🌈

Self-knowledge and acceptance in comics and anime
➡️ Read My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness | The revolution of self-discovery
➡️ Read Peau d'homme | A peek inside a different world
➡️ Read Cinzia by Leo Ortolani is an ironic look into the struggles of a transgender woman
➡️ Watch The Rose of Versailles | Putting politics into a children's anime
Love without labels
➡️ Read The Song of Achilles | A love worth dying for
➡️ Read Blue Is the Warmest Color | An age for shades
➡️ Read Twenty-One Love Poems | No one’s fated or doomed to love anyone
➡️ Watch Portrait of a Lady on Fire | A manifesto about the female gaze
➡️ Read Camere Separate | The search for a balanced existence
The importance of representation
➡️ Watch Hollywood | Rewriting the Golden Age of Cinema
➡️ Watch It's a Sin | The AIDS invasion in 1980s' London
➡️ Watch Pose | Ball culture and trans representation
➡️ Play 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup | Dare to shine
➡️ Watch Will & Grace | Breaking taboos and making TV history
➡️ Play Born This Way by Lady Gaga
Surf on and find out many other LGBTQI+ records in our collection! 🌈
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The Hypercritic Weekly Newsletter

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