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Issue #54: Mysterious stories and secrets 🤫

The Hypercritic Weekly Newsletter
Dear Hypercritics,
The next few months will be full of surprises! 
But we don’t give you any spoilers. So, let’s dedicate this issue to mysteries and secrets.
Small or big, they always give life an acceleration and, who knows, maybe even unexpected resolutions.
So, sit back and dive into the unknown!

Eternal dilemmas
➡️ Experience Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? | Gauguin’s pictorial testament
➡️ Read Night Song of a Wandering Shepherd in Asia by Giacomo Leopardi | Pain is universal
Mysteries on the big screen
➡️ Watch Rebecca | Alfred Hitchcock's psychological thriller
➡️ Watch Arrival | A close encounter of the fifth kind
Looking for the truth, episode by episode
➡️ Watch The Leftovers | A symphony of grief
➡️ Watch Only Murders in the Building | Three strangers, a crime scene, and a podcast
Crime stories to investigate humankind
➡️ Watch The Undoing | Not only a murder story
➡️ Watch Mindhunter | How to understand serial killers' patterns
➡️ Read The Adversary | A True Story of Monstrous Deception
Solving mysteries to find yourself
➡️ Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets | Choose who you want to be
➡️ Read The Little Drifter | The discovery of belonging
➡️ Play Life Is Strange series | Feelings are stronger than magical powers
Bad omens and the beauty of unknown
➡️ Experience The Family | When Schiele's desire became a dark foreboding
➡️ Read Triumph of Bacchus | Lorenzo de' Medici's ballade
And with this iconic song, we conclude our dive into the secrets and mysteries of the stories in our collection.
But what will be the theme of the next issue?
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Hypercritic @HypercriticTW

The Hypercritic Weekly Newsletter

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