Issue #49: An ode to women artists around the world 🦸‍♀️





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Dear Hypercritics, 
As of March 8 approaches, we celebrate Women’s  Day with a collection of the latest records published by Hypercritic and dedicated to women artists. From literature to music and video games, this is a tribute to women’s creativity and their gaze.
Meanwhile, brace yourselves for a new Poetry Marathon!
Following on from our Poethon 2021, which was called 88 Poets to Change the World, and which took place on Unesco Poetry day, Hypercritic is now promoting a new event. It will flood the digital space with beauty and poetry.
The Hypercritic Poethon 2022 will take place from March 15th to 21st. This year the theme is Against War the Sound of Poetry, and we are asking for your contribution!
It goes like this. Choose a song that’s close to your heart, the one with the most poetic lyrics you’ve ever heard, and recite all or part of it for us. To participate or ask for information please write to

Women and the fantastic world
➡️ Read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone | The boy who lived
➡️ Read The Little Drifter | The discovery of belonging
Rewriting ancient myths
➡️ Read Francisca Aguirre's Loom | The importance of others in an absurd life
➡️ Read The Song of Achilles | A love worth dying for
Love and life through a woman's eyes
➡️ Play Adele's 30 | How to rise up when life hits hard
➡️ Read Beautiful World Where Are You | The evolution of a bestseller writer
From reality to a dystopian world
➡️ Watch Maid | A game-changing tail on motherhood and abuse
➡️ Read The Handmaid's Tale | Nolite te bastardes carborundorum is a cry of power
Coming-of-age tales
➡️ Read The Girls | Not a report but a coming-of-age novel
➡️ Play The psychological value of failing in Celeste
The big recap: Berlinale 2022
All the Bears and all the best of Berlinale 2022
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