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Issue #48: War and its aftermaths | A tribute to Beppe Fenoglio's centenary

The Hypercritic Weekly Newsletter
Dear Hypercritics, 
On March 1, 1922, Beppe Fenoglio, was born in Alba, Italy. A writer and translator, he was one of the greatest representatives of Italian neorealism. His novels focus mainly on the rural world of the Langhe, war, and the Italian resistance movement 🖋️
His work has inspired contemporary and following generations of authors to report on the war and its dramatic consequences on individuals and society.
On the occasion of Beppe Fenoglio’s centenary, today’s issue offers an itinerary among the works connected to his work both in terms of theme and time, taken from our archives. 

Partisan writers and militant authors
➡️ Read A Private Affair overlaps a personal and a civil dilemma
➡️ Read Invisible Cities | A love poem to the city
➡️ Watch Pan's Labyrinth | An Antifascist Fantasy
War and its aftermath
➡️ Read and Watch The war of J.D. Salinger in film and television
➡️ Read Maus | Art Spiegelman's graphic analysis of war
➡️ Read The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories
Where personal stories meet History
➡️ Watch Bicycle Thieves | A simple and unforgettable story
➡️ Read Dangling Man is the portrait of a whole generation
➡️ Read Underworld | A dual conception of history
➡️ Read Persepolis | An intimate narration of war
Hypercritic defends the values of self-determination and freedom and rejects any idea of war. We have decided to give our Poetry Marathon in March a strong pacifist message. Stay tuned to our profiles on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for news soon 🕊️ 
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The Hypercritic Weekly Newsletter

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