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Issue #43: The struggles and beauty of Youth ✨

The Hypercritic Weekly Newsletter
Dear Hypercritics, 
The new season of Euphoria, on HBO, gives us the perfect opportunity to explore the theme of youth.
This age is as full of beauty as of uncertainty and has inspired so many of the authors we feature on Hypercritic. In the stories we’ve chosen for you, the autobiographical mixes with historical events, and fantasy meets with reality, with a kaleidoscopic effect. 🍭

The struggle with finding one own identity
➡️ Watch Euphoria | A visceral portrayal of the teenage experience
➡️ Play Life Is Strange series | Feelings are stronger than magical powers
➡️ Read I Kill Giants | Low fantasy comics as a coping mechanism
➡️ Read Teller's Nothing | A brutal quest for the meaning of life
➡️ Watch Dawson's Creek | Teen drama revolution
When personal stories meet history
➡️ Read Norwegian Wood | The charm in simplicity
➡️ Watch Boyhood | When cinema captures real life
➡️ Watch Romulus | A coming-of-age story in the ancient Lazio
➡️ Watch Stand by Me | A cult journey into adulthood
Stories from the Millennium
➡️ Read My Year of Rest and Relaxation | Getting some good American sleep
➡️ Read Exciting Times | A millennial novel about identity and idleness

The soundtrack of youth
➡️ Watch Glee | The anthem of underdogs worldwide
➡️ Play Fearless (Taylor’s Version) | A mature outlook on a coming-of-age record
➡️ Play Janis Joplin | Me and Bobby McGee
➡️ Read Triumph of Bacchus | Lorenzo de' Medici's ballade
Stay young, stay Hypercritic!
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