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Dear Hypercritics,
In our last chapter dedicated to the #100 essentials (for now), we want you to get to know one of our most exciting sections. This week we talk about #Experience, a large part of our website that collects the most important works of art from every time. 🎨
Today we start from medieval art to land in the contemporary. Enjoy your journey! 🖼️

From the 1300s
The Allegory of Good and Bad Government has a didactic aim
From the 1400s
Saint Jerome in his study | A new humanist iconography
From the 1500s
Teatro Olimpico | Is the greatness of things merely an appearance?
From the 1600s
The Nativity | Art comes alive with new technologies
Judith Beheading Holofernes | Stories of women and revenge
The Chapel of the Holy Shroud is a journey towards the light
From the 1800s
Ophelia | An artistic treaty on Melancholia
Doré and the horror vacui in Dante's Divine Comedy
Isle of the Dead | Floating inside the inner world
From the 1900s
Marzella | The passage from childhood to puberty
The City Rises is Umberto Boccioni's first Futurist work
Skyspace-1 | An experience of sensory awareness
The BLM Banksy Painting exposes a white problem
That’s all for now! To keep up to date with our art coverage, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook
Have a lovely weekend!
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Hypercritic @HypercriticTW

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