Issue #25: Ghost in the Shell movie is back to IMAX theaters





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After more than 25 years, Ghost in the Shell is still one of the most influential sci-fi and cyberpunk fiction of all time. Born from the manga of Masamune Shirow in 1989 and propelled to stardom thanks to Mamoru Oshii’s movie in 1995, it questions the implications of human-machine hybridization.
The Ghost in the Shell brand expanded through anime, videogames and comics, always giving different perspectives on the technological and social issues of our contemporary society. However, always keeping the same question at center stage: what defines us as human beings?
Giovanni Di Rienzo and Gabriele Iuliano explored this theme through the main works of the Ghost in the Shell world. If you never entered it, it’s time to do it. And if you already did, we are sure you are willing to take another ride 🚀

Ghost in the Shell | The Human-Machine Hybridization
Next week on September 17th a remastered version in 4K of the first Ghost in the Shell movie will come back to IMAX theaters in the USA, UK, Japan, and Canada. The 4K Blu-Ray Edition is already on sale.
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