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human works design - building meaningful futures - Issue #22


human works design - building meaningful futures

May 13 · Issue #22 · View online

'human works' empowers the game-changers of tomorrow to build meaningful futures. This newsletter is for leaders and change-makers, who want to elevate humanity by living consciously, designing conscious business that have a purpose with sustainable profit, and contributing to better systems for the diverse communities in our society, for future generations and for our planet.

Surrendering to Our Greatness
Convenience is the new definition of happiness (!) these days. From getting easily brewed coffee anywhere, ordering a meal or product with the click of a thumb, to binge-watch a new series on Netflix or keep on scrolling down to find your dream vacation destination. What we don’t realise often is that such conveniences can easily turn into addictions.
Without a deep understanding of our beliefs and dreams, technology companies are focusing on creating more convenience all around us and amplifying such addictions exponentially as well. We are totally unprepared to use these services and products for our benefit without getting addicted to them, and even worse we don’t know how to guide our children either.
As stated in the essay ‘How to Organize Learning?’ by Humberto Schwab, “How can we prepare our kids for the future when we have no clue what the future will bring us. Experts think that the digital natives, the youngsters of today, have a better view into the future than we do, we are the “digital immigrants.” However, this appears to be a fallacy, which identifies technique with culture. After all, knowing how to operate an iPad or how to build an app does not imply wisdom. An “Ipad school” is as stupid as a pencil school.”
In a quite amazing demo at Google I/0, Google’s Assistant (Google Duplex) can actually ring up a salon or a restaurant to make an appointment for you sounding like a real human-maybe a bit too human. We say hurraaayy, let’s outsource all the boring things to machines! But this may not be exciting news to celebrate for a personal assistant or a call centre agency. Besides normal assistant work, the $200 billion call centre industry can expect a shake-up over the coming years. In the US alone this market provides work for 3.4 million people. 
A problem here is not just about the job-loss for these people but who is going to teach or learn these people to prepare for another job in the future? It used to be that we could count on social institutions but not anymore. We now have more watchdogs than institutions. From health to education systems the whole scene is dehumanised. We are looking for experts to get answers, following big platform’s announcements about the next big AI products and services but businesses are too busy monetising our addictive pleasures. 
Aren’t we all tired of repeating, reading and circulating the same concerns about how people will be out of job and why nobody is doing anything about it?
The problem is we don’t understand the problem; that’s why we can’t find the answer. And we are trying to find solutions for existing problems without looking at the systemic root of the problem.
It is obvious that convenience of technology should come with consciousness on a systemic level. And as all the great masters point us within, consciousness starts with being aware of one’s self.
As stated by Dr David Hawkins in his book ‘Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender’: “If we take a close look at human life, we see that it is essentially one long elaborate struggle to escape our inner fears and expectations that have been projected upon the world. Interspersed are period of celebration when we have momentarily escaped inner fears, but the fears are still there waiting for us. We have become afraid of our inner feelings because we have no conscious mechanism by which to handle the feelings if we let them come up within ourselves.”
When we can surrender to be free of negative feelings in a given area so that creativity and spontaneity can manifest without opposition or the interference of inner conflicts. To be free of inner conflict and expectations is to give others in our life the greatest freedom. It allows us to experience the basic nature of the universe, which, it will be discovered, is to manifest the greatest good possible in a situation.
Our stress and fear about change, competition and survival need to be surrendered. It is no longer about humans vs machines, we need to focus on new ecological systems where we can co-exist with fellow humans, earthlings and use the opportunities of technology towards such systems. At human works design, we start by designing conscious business models and new learning systems
We can dream lives and live dreams where we don’t need to work to make money but to work to grow and enjoy ourselves and serve others. We can heal centuries old humanity wounds and self-torture by looking at the mirror, taking care of others and ourselves. Let’s replace suffering with love and joy. Let’s surrender to our greatness and fulfil our human potential.
Don’t wait to take action! We invite all leaders to join our ‘Conscious Leadership’ and ‘Conscious Business Model Design and Innovation’ workshops to start their transformation from within and beam their light upon all stakeholders.
Happy Mother’s Day.
With love and joy,
Canay & Rudy

human works design activities
Announcement: We are excited and eager to share more, learn and grow together. That’s why we decided to start ‘conscious leadership webinars‘ where we’ll be sharing inspirational content that matters, humanist future trends, new methodologies and experts, case studies, and actionable insights designed to improve your business and personal lives. We appreciate your feedback, please share your insights with us on this short survey and receive your invitation to our first webinar.
Join us at one of our upcoming talks and presentations. 
Canay will chair a Socratic Dialogue session in Soho House Istanbul on May 22nd. She will keynote on June 14 in Kiel, Germany on our Conscious Business Model Design and Innovation model and Children First World Design at the Waterkant Festival
Rudy will keynote at Mind The Future on May 16 in Monterrey, Mexico and at the Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure Congress on May 23 in Madrid. He will join Adobe Visual Trends activities at OFFF 2018 in Barcelona on May 23-25 and on June 14 he will do a keynote at FER in Geneva. 
More events will be announced soon on our updated website. Meanwhile, you can contact us if you wish to book us for a talk or a workshop.
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