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human works design - building meaningful futures - Issue #17


human works design - building meaningful futures

January 28 · Issue #17 · View online

'human works' empowers the game-changers of tomorrow to build meaningful futures. This newsletter is for leaders and change-makers, who want to elevate humanity by living consciously, designing conscious business that have a purpose with sustainable profit, and contributing to better systems for the diverse communities in our society, for future generations and for our planet.

The Age of Consciousness
After an amazing winter break in Peru - I’ll write about that in one of our future issues - we’re back with our bi-weekly newsletter. We selected the best links and more 2018 trends for you to read and digest out of the massive load of interesting reads we’ve gone through during our break. The good news for the start of this year is that more and more people and organisations are becoming more aware of the importance of consciousness in business and how to take better responsibility towards our planet, the education of our children and in creating a healthier society in general.
I am pleased to see that finally some big leaders are joining our thinking (published 2 years ago). Jack Ma (CEO Alibaba) mentioned at Davos that “only by changing education towards more soft skills and stop teaching knowledge can our children compete with machines”.
If you missed our previous newsletter issue, read our Humanist Future Trends 2020.
The core philosophy of what we offer are timeless, the reason we call them ‘trends’ is because they are more important than ever, thanks to the power we acquired and unlimited choices we have with technology, we can create at a seamless level of depth, scale and speed. We are all responsible to surface our ‘human attributes, desires and values’ to our consciousness and apply them to our business models and technology decisions for meaningful futures.
The Age of Consciousness is gradually unfolding in all areas of society from our daily lives to our business practices. It seems that everywhere we turn there is reference to mindfulness, meaning and purpose, or consciousness, people making a difference, changing our world, or giving back in some form or another. Conscious philosophies and practices are gradually finding their way into mainstream society. 
At human works design, we’re convinced that 2018 will be a very important year building towards this huge shift in humanity and we’ll keep curating the most interesting wisdom nuggets for you.
Enjoy the reading!

human works design activities
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Healthy food revolution
What the Health
With $72 Million in Funding, the Entrepreneur Behind Beyond Meat Pursues Innovation Over Profit
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Future of work
How Automation Will Change Work, Purpose, and Meaning
Post-work: the radical idea of a world without jobs
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6 Awesome Board Games That Teach Cooperation
Virtual Reality
The Limits of Empathy
More Trends for 2018
18 New Year's Resolutions of an A.I.
18 Exponential Changes We Can Expect in the Year Ahead
Top 10 artificial intelligence (AI) technology trends for 2018
8 Exciting Design Research Trends
Predictions for the Year Ahead by Magenta
Social Media Predictions For 2018: Shopping, AI, And Maybe Even A Soul
PwC 21st CEO Survey 2018
The Most Important Tech Trends Of 2018, According To Top VCs
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