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Building meaningful futures - Issue #6


human works design - building meaningful futures

December 18 · Issue #6 · View online

'human works' empowers the game-changers of tomorrow to build meaningful futures. This newsletter is for leaders and change-makers, who want to elevate humanity by living consciously, designing conscious business that have a purpose with sustainable profit, and contributing to better systems for the diverse communities in our society, for future generations and for our planet.

2016 was definitely the year that the worst aspects of the Internet began to outweigh its best aspects. And when the merely non-diverse Silicon Valley tech heads are joining a Trump family getting together, missing a unique opportunity to make a strong public joint statement on key values and issues important to them and their employees, we know things aren’t really going to get better from here. 
Worse, Silicon Valley darlings, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Tesla CEO Elon Musk are now offering their expertise to Trump (duh). And what to think that only Twitter says it would refuse to help build muslim registry for the new president elect, out of nine tech companies!
The normalisation of improper morality is slipping back into our daily lives, and few seem to really care or notice. 
The wrong discourse
Trump is not going to bring the manufacturing jobs back to the US. It’s great Tesla cars are manufactured nearly entirely in Nevada and California but the company will create at best a couple of thousand of jobs, peanuts compared to the approximate 5.6 million manufacturing jobs the US did lose between 2000 and 2010 attributable to technological change - largely automation - rather than international trade. Trade protectionism, is unlikely to override the larger forces of automation and the transition to a digital economy.
Any repetitive job tasks will loose out the next couple of years through further automation, digital assistant and chatbot disruption, let’s not fool ourselves. Make sure we use technology for good and be aware of its consequences. 
A different way
We also need to think differently. A new type of parallel economy based on uniquely human skills and abilities is emergent as technology keeps growing exponentially in its own pace towards its own obsoleteness. 
The world is going to look very different by the end of next year, so make sure you reflect well these days on who you are, what do you want for yourself (know thyself!), your children and family, your friends and beloved ones. Where do you want to go? What is the future you want to build? Will others drive it or will you design your own future? How to design a good life amidst this on-going chaos?
In this regard, it’s refreshing to read the 10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings by founder Maria Popova.
“Because I believe that our becoming, like the synthesis of meaning itself, is an on-going and dynamic process, I’ve been reluctant to stultify it and flatten its on-going expansiveness in static opinions and fixed personal tenets of living. But I do find myself continually discovering, then returning to, certain core values. While they may be refined and enriched in the act of living, their elemental substance remains a centre of gravity for what I experience as myself.”
In this issue lots of links on next year’s technology trends, the future of work, fake news, ai, iot, chatbots, mixed reality, drone delivery, the supermarkets of the future, …
I also included a list of powerful books to read during the holidays instead of your Facebook Newsfeed :)
I’d like to send a special thanks to Azeem Azhar, Canay Atalay, Gerd Leonhard, Humberto Schwab, Justine Kolata, Laurent Haug, Raimo van der Klein, Renata McGriff and Yuri Van Geest for their ongoing inspiration this year. 
I wish you all relaxing and reflective holidays and a wonderful start of 2017, take good care of your children and your beloved ones, together we are the change!

Mobile Sunday at #MWC17
After the successful event I organised together with earlier this year, we’re bringing back Mobile Sunday to Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress. The event will take place on February 26, 2017 in the beautiful Fabrica Estrella Damm. Early Bird tickets are available here.
At Mobile Sunday 2016, we had a fantastic line-up featuring speakers like Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, Andreessen Horowitz partner Ben Evans, Twitter’s director of bizdev EMEA Brenda O’Connell, Microsoft Ventures’ Zack Weisfeld, Jaunt (and former Flipboard) CTO Arthur van Hoff and plenty more.
We would be delighted to hear from you who we should have on stage at the next Mobile Sunday. And we are actively seeking partnerships with global companies for the event - we had the pleasure of working with NASDAQ, IBM/SoftLayer and Intercede last time around.
Please contact for more information on this opportunity.
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Books to read instead of your Facebook Newsfeed :)
Must read articles
The State of Technology at the End of 2016 – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Mobile is eating the world — Benedict Evans
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Must watch
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AR/VR/Mixed Reality
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Fake News
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AI & Chatbots
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Introducing the AI logo maker hoping to become the “world’s most experienced designer”
Artificial Intelligence May Change the Face of Business
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Drone delivery live in Cambridge, UK
Amazon Prime Air’s First Customer Delivery
Supermarket of the future
Carlo Ratti's supermarket of the future opens in milan
The Year in Art 2016
The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop
And finally...
99 Reasons Why 2016 Was a Good Year
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