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Building meaningful futures - Issue #5


human works design - building meaningful futures

December 11 · Issue #5 · View online

'human works' empowers the game-changers of tomorrow to build meaningful futures. This newsletter is for leaders and change-makers, who want to elevate humanity by living consciously, designing conscious business that have a purpose with sustainable profit, and contributing to better systems for the diverse communities in our society, for future generations and for our planet.

While Google announced the company will reach 100% renewable energy in 2017 for their global operations, Ford CEO Mark Fields said there is no market for electric cars, including hybrids, totally ignoring that Tesla is now dominating the luxury car segment in the US leaving all traditional car manufacturers behind by large.
What a change of a political situation can do to our future and our planet. Meanwhile, Breitbart - the puke evoking publication behind Trump’s rise, produced another fake news story denying climate change using materials totally misleading Americans.
D’oh! This new world we’re entering… It’s the old vs. the new, going backward instead of forward, open vs. closed, fossil-fuel economy vs. renewables, easy profit vs. responsibility for people and planet, purpose over profit, frustration vs. transformation, continuous learning vs. staying put, love vs. hate, sharing vs. wasting, and so on.
Legendary physicist David Bohm was truly visionary, decades before the social web, as we know it today, in his seminal work “On Dialogue”:
“In spite of this worldwide system of linkages, there is, at this very moment, a general feeling that communication is breaking down everywhere, on an unparalleled scale… What appears [in the media] is generally at best a collection of trivial and almost unrelated fragments, while at worst, it can often be a really harmful source of confusion and misinformation.”
On the problem of communication, he writes: “Different groups … are not actually able to listen to each other. As a result, the very attempt to improve communication leads frequently to yet more confusion, and the consequent sense of frustration inclines people ever further toward aggression and violence, rather than toward mutual understanding and trust.”
Sounds familiar?
So, what are we going to do about it? I decided to use this newsletter to share stories about moving forward, building bridges, dialogue, doing things differently, using technology and innovation in the pursuit of a good life, to create a better future for our children and humanity.
This newsletter is not just for me; it’s also yours and a platform to share your stories. I would love to hear your insights on what you know about positive change and how we can all contribute in creating a better society. Feel free to send me your links to great innovative stories you know about so I can share them with +17.000 subscribers.
If you like “Building meaningful futures”, please share the stories, forward it to your friends and business contacts that may be interested. A community is build upon referrals and recommendations.
This week lots of great articles on the #futureofwork #ai #retail #disruption #flyingcars #startups #blockchain #climatechange #iot #smartcities #neuroscience #trends2017 #vr #privacy #cyberculture
“The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men.” - Bill Beattie

A spatial map of the rightwing fake news ecosystem. Photograph: Jonathan Albright - via The Guardian
A spatial map of the rightwing fake news ecosystem. Photograph: Jonathan Albright - via The Guardian
Must reads of the week
Google, democracy and the truth about internet search
We can Fix It: Saving the Truth from the Internet –
I can’t just stand by and watch Mark Zuckerberg destroy the internet.
Connected but unequal: The mechanics of inequality in a networked world
True Freedom Comes With Basic Income
What if Google and Facebook got it all wrong?
Why Socrates Hated Democracies: An Animated Case for Why Self-Government Requires Wisdom & Education
What Stephen Hawking gets right and wrong about ‘the most dangerous time for our planet’
Why “They’re Just Dumb Racists” is Liberalism’s Climate Denialism
Trends 2017
Tech Trends 2017
Future of Work
Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace
Socratic Design Workshop London Summary
In Search Of 'The Entrepreneurial Society'
How the Most Emotionally Intelligent CEOs Handle Their Power
City of the Future: The Future of Work
Dear Mr. Trump, About Those U.S. iPhones
Technology, jobs, and the future of work
Artificial Intelligence
WTF is AI?
Amazon AI — Artificial Intelligence Services
Uber Bets on Artificial Intelligence With Acquisition and New Lab
Google Assistant bot ecosystem will open to all developers by end of 2016
Artificial Intelligence Is More Artificial Than Intelligent
Retail disruption
If you were not yet convinced Amazon is about retail disruption knowing the company now has a warehouse or delivery station within 20 miles of 44% of the US population, the company opened Amazon Go earlier this week, a grocery store with no cashiers and no checkout lines. Some 3,5 million cashier jobs are projected to disappear in the US in the near future. Despite the convincing nature of Trump’s anti-offshoring argument, Amazon Go proves the biggest danger isn’t jobs going overseas, but rather the march of technological progress.
Amazon is opening a grocery store with no cashiers and no checkout lines
Amazon’s no-checkout store threatens death of the cashier
Mindboggling :)
Vinyl sales outstripped digital downloads for the first time last week
Talking dolls recorded kids’ conversations without parental consent
Alexa and Google Home Record What You Say. What Happens to Your Data?
Flying Cars
Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation
European VCs are going to make flying cars a reality
Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying Car Factories
Smart Cities
Experimental City: How Rotterdam Became A World Leader In Sustainable Urban Design
Paris makes all public transport free in battle against 'worst air pollution for 10 years'
Could you soon fly an airplane with your mind?
the Hundert
European Talent Landscape 2016
Station F
How blockchain can change the future of IoT
Stellar Emerges From Shadow of Bitcoin to Find a Home Overseas
Culture / Cyber Culture
The people who shaped Islamic civilisation
Joi Ito Explains Why Donald Trump Is Like the Sex Pistols
Epic Reply To A Restaurant Asking Musicians To Play For Free. Every Creative Should See This.
Sheep View: Where there’s a wool, there’s a way
65 Satirical Illustrations Showing Our Addiction To Technology
Virtual Reality
Sports kick-starts a virtual reality revolution
Facebook just secured an e-money license in Ireland, paving the way for Messenger payments in Europe
10 Insights of Remarkable Parents from a Family Therapist
Climate Change
Five west African countries ban 'dirty diesel' from Europe
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