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Building meaningful futures - Issue #10


human works design - building meaningful futures

February 19 · Issue #10 · View online

'human works' empowers the game-changers of tomorrow to build meaningful futures. This newsletter is for leaders and change-makers, who want to elevate humanity by living consciously, designing conscious business that have a purpose with sustainable profit, and contributing to better systems for the diverse communities in our society, for future generations and for our planet.

Don’t you wish you could turn down the news these days in your news feed?
Spending less time on Facebook has the advantage of avoiding to read posts about people you really have little in common with, and then they run your country. All of a sudden, it’s like a tank coming into your room! 
I started the week with this feeling, checking out some fresh news from my friends, you know that thing we came for on this platform in the first place. Then I saw this MSNBC video of how Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to the US President for Policy, introducing the new Trump administration doctrine. 
RESIST might soon become an understatement!
The resemblance with Joseph Goebbels is scary, to say the least, but the real ugly part starts when you read the comments section below the video.
These days it’s hard to stand ground on defending (and making the difference) between FREE speech and HATE speech. It’s one of the problems technology companies have failed to address correctly so far.
There’s no such thing as a neutral platform anymore. Businesses don’t want to be partisan, because it usually doesn’t help their share prices, but users may force them to be. Read also how Shopify CEO attempts to defend continued hosting of Breitbart’s online store.
Personally, I believe startups and companies who defend good universal values will be the winners of tomorrow. We cannot build healthy sustainable business based on hate and its derivates, so you have to take a stance.
On Friday, Mark Zuckerberg issued Facebook’s Building Global Community updated mission statement. “In times like these, the most important thing we at Facebook can do is develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for all of us”, writes the Zuck.
He concludes: “My hope is that more of us will commit our energy to building the long term social infrastructure to bring humanity together.”
I believe Mark has very good intentions and is playing it ethically correct. However, can a private company really be leading public sphere debate when its algorithms are continuously fine-tuned as a money- making machine pushing the one with money ahead of the one with an opinion, insight or learning?
Wouldn’t it be easier to make a not-for profit duplicate of Facebook for real, non-biased, manipulated and authentic dialogue in the public sphere, to stimulate the supportive, safe, informed, civically-engaged and inclusive communities you mention? I wouldn’t mind paying a tax for such platform, not influenced by advertising algorithms - hiding most of my friends’ posts, in favour of paid posts. 
Robots are taking human jobs.
Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies’ use of robots, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment - a remarkable statement from the co-founder of Microsoft.
Meanwhile in Brussels, European lawmakers called for EU-wide legislation to regulate the rise of robots, including an ethical framework for their development and deployment and the establishment of liability for the actions of robots including self-driving cars. And rejected the idea of robot tax for the sake of competitiveness and employment. D'oh!
Time for a redesign?
Join my think tank group initiative for people interested in discussing how we can use technology to improve society.
Have a great week; take good care of yourself and your beloved ones!

Mobile World Congress Events
With a little more than a week to go to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, things are heating up again. Check below the events I’m involved in. Discounted & free tickets for grabs.
Mobile Sunday 2017 with - 26/2 at 18:00
IoT Stars – THE Internet of Things Startup Pitching & Networking Event during #MWC17
La Casa de la Seda in Barcelona
La Casa de la Seda in Barcelona
House of Beautiful Business
Feature of the week
Homo Deus: A conversation between Yuval Harari and Azeem Azhar by Exponential View
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Elon Musk: Automation Will Force Governments to Introduce Universal Basic Income
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Throw out blast from the past
The Velvet Underground's John Cale Plays Erik Satie's Vexations on I've Got a Secret (1963)
Closing quote
“In all things: let love guide you, let truth test you, let success humble you, let dreams awaken you, let meaning free you.” - Umair Haque
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