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HugoFloss Weekend Newsletter - Issue #3

Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss
Words matter, so you should subscribe to these…

Language and Thinking
We spoke a bit about language and the misuse of some words that, when overused, lose their meaning. Does the language we use actually have an effect on our thought processes, though? As luck would have it, Simon Whistler heard and has answered (well, on 27 May 2021, but causality aside):
Does the Language You Speak Affect How You Think?
Does the Language You Speak Affect How You Think?
Zencastr, it's you, not us
Anyone who is starting out producing a podcast will come across a list of tools to use for recording interviews online, and Zencastr is always in the top five if it isn’t number one. This was probably true six months ago, but they (Zencastr) seem to have been running a catch-up race, adding video capture in their free service tier and making some changes to the user interface one sees in the web browser.
Making Zencastr a zero-install tool means your show guests can get up and running quickly without needing to install some new application onto their mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Sounds great, right? Well, maybe not, especially with the changes of late.
Long story short, Zencastr has been causing more headaches than its been alleviating, and so it appears that the Hugo Floss podcast will almost certainly move away from Zencastr, trying out other platforms like Zoom, which can record audio-only multi-track episodes with browser-based tools. There’s also Jitsi, which is an open source tool that does many of the same things but can be self-hosted.
So there it is, the judges have spoken. Zencastr, take your mics and go.
Guests Guests Guests
We made use of Zoom to grab an audio-only interview with Gil Olachea of Ceramica in Scottsdale, AZ. We shared some travel tales this time around.
Moving forward, we definitely aim for more participation, whether it’s a scheduled interview as this was with Gil, or open discussion (via chat or actual audio participation, like a drop-in show), or whatever else…
Could be via Zoom, could be via Telegram, could be on YouTube at some point, the world is our oyster!
Would you like to be a guest on the Hugo Floss podcast?
Email Nancy ( and let’s get a guest spot on the calendar!
This project works when people like you listen, read, subscribe, like, share, and generally participate as we grow the show and the outreach.
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Team Hugo Floss
Team Hugo Floss

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